Holy guacamole, I'm Jamie. I spend my days running around Iowa, chasing our cats, and watching YouTube Channels. I think Mark mentioned the cats too, so this is slightly awkward for our bio's. I love black coffee, but also Chai Latte's. I would rather not wear a bra or live in my gym clothes. I do this thing where I ramble.. I have that *please be weird* mindset when meeting new humans. I am head over knee-high boots in love with Markieee!  

She says


My name is Mark, and I am originally from Braintree, MA. I am an avid pro-vape and craft beer connoisseur. I spend my time listening to Jamie talk, because let's be honest I can't get enough of her.. But also playing video games, fiddling with technology or bossing our three cats around. I moved with Jamie to start something fresh, and here we are running our business together. I love her, she's the one thing I know is right in this world. 

he says



I suck at writing about me but I am who I am. Jamie is teaching me more about photography every day. I spend time learning things off of youtube, and just being apart of life. I want to be able to say nothing held me back from doing what I want to do. 

he takes risks


I love binge watching Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural. I could quote the entire series and they are both still on the air. I spend a ton of time with my Pets.. I've learn to accept that I am the best stay at home cat mom there is. (jokes) I love my job. I have been obsessed with photography for so long, I can't think of a time I didn't have a camera in my hand. 
I love traveling, like that feeling I get when the plane takes off... adrenaline junky. 
I want to travel the world and see all the sites. I would rather rent or own a tiny home so I don't feel tied down. 
I enjoy a good teen romance novel. I suck at painting my nails. I would rather drink my coffee black because I love that feeling when it touches my soul. 

PS: I live for scrunchies and over alls. I'm a 90's baby after all.

she lives in the moment

We met over a Post-It Note...

We were both in management at a store called Simply Mac, which is a premier partner to Apple. We are both nerds so just happen to work for the same company. We were in the same distract of stores but 100 miles apart. 
One day in May a customer was a real jerk to Mark because the plastic was ripped on a brand new Macbook Pro, so he refused to buy it and wanted a replacement. 
It was the only MacBook Pro left in the store....


The only Macbook Pro left in the store...

Mark, tells the customer I will call another store in my district and it will be here within 3 business days.
He chooses my store, and calls. I at this point still have never talked to or seen Mark before.. I didn't even answer the phone my service technician got to it first. 
She relayed the message that, "Mark in MA is having a shitty day can you transfer this for him?"

Oh.. how that transfer changed everything! 

That transfer changed everything for both of us...
I had this feeling, and it was weird I can still remember it that I felt I should send him a note that hey, been there, I'm on your side kind of feeling.
I put a post it note on top of the computer and mailed it off.
The post it that read, "Incase no one told you, you are enough, you do enough, have a good day! <3 JAMIE"
Mark ended up getting a hold of me through our district group page and said, Thank you, this made my whole day! We ended up talking or so the rest of the week, and he says he accidentally messed up a transfer back to my store but I wasn't mad because I wanted to keep talking to him.
We stayed up till 3-4 am daily just talking about everything. When he finally asked me out, I didn't know how to say YES without being overly excited...
But from that Beer and wings date, we've been together. 

He's my forever story.

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