Our “Why” | Our Top 5 favorite things about weddings that you probably don’t notice…

Hello humans!
Today I had a thought, I mean I was editing a recent wedding and there are so many things that went into that day to make it just right.. You probably know the big things, (dress, cake, venue.. exc) but I tend to lean towards things that not everyone notices.

We love to serve, whether it’s grabbing a beer for Mark, or Mark putting my watch on it’s charger… little things make us tick as one big thing.. and I find it so fascinating.

We don’t mind running to the car that got left at the hotel

We would rather one of us go check something and let you stay in the AC (or heat for our Iowa Winter’s)

We aren’t trying to be suck ups, we just can’t help but want to help. We have this voice firing inside our heads that is almost like a kid jumping up and down “let me, I can do that!”

I think one amazing moment for me has been watching Mark grow his love for photography this year as more and more things click and he is learning from “mistakes” so quickly… I’m like a proud * cat * mama.  There was this moment at a wedding recently he completely took charge of posing a groom and I just stood there in complete amazement… It was like that moment you drop your child off at kindergarten and they let go of your hand to join the class. He got it. He is growing and learning, and I am so happy for him.


So what is our Top 5 favorite things about Weddings that you probably don’t notice? Well… let me tell you! (These are in no particular order, just me rambling like normal!)
Images from our Weddings, all photos belong to Jamie Tobin Photography.

1: Flower Girls
Now I don’t mean just the little cuties walking down the aisle, because everyone notices that. I’m talking about them when you’re not suppose to be watching them. They are usually the ages of 2-7 (not that they have to be) and they are feeling their first jolt of responsibility. They are looking up at the world on this day as it moves so quickly with their eyes wide. It just reminds me of a time when we were kids.. when everything was “one more”.
When they don’t think anyone is watching them, they are magic. I know parents will understand that unicorn of kids just being themselves and giggling at bugs, sneaking a wedding mint or an extra roll from dinner.. licking the butter, or staring at the bride as she puts on her “princess” dress. Or, when they’re dancing with their dad’s because their dad isn’t ready to blink because he knows in 20 some years that’ll be his little girl.
And, I was the flower girl turned wedding photographer. (See below, me and my dad when I was around 6?)

2: When something goes wrong
You’re probably thinking I am crazy right now but it’s like a flight or fight moment at weddings. Something will go wrong, I promise you it will, whether its small or big, but it’s not that I want something to go wrong it’s how everyone responds when it does.

When the wrong flowers get delivered and the bride is like well, least I still get the man of my dreams.
Or when a bouquet is forgotten, the rally of the flower shop to make a gorgeous little miracle in under an hour. The smiles, the tears, the raw love and emotion… that is my “a-ha” moment.

3: Bride’s + Dad’s
You’re watching him walk her down the aisle (I am too, always so precious)
–but I am also in the back, doors closed, and bride realizing, “holy F, I am about to get married in front of X amount of people”, That moment when the dad takes his daughters face, kisses her on the forehead and says, I’m so proud of you baby girl.

4: When couples say F it
I mean, Yes, when they swear because I was raised by a Navy man.. I know a good selection of choice words.. but what I really mean is..
You’re seeing all these things telling you what you have to do on your wedding day, That you have to invite your third cousin, have to have mom’s friend from work exc..
Those couples that say F it, it’s our day and we want wings + beer + pizza and a gorgeous ceremony in a barn/woods/lake house that isn’t about a religion we don’t believe in with the people we want, not what others want.
And ,  those couples that are fearlessly in love, and are involved and passionate about their church/religion/Community. We don’t want you to have a day that isn’t anything but what YOU want, with the people YOU want the most.  After all, you are the bride and groom and you are committing yourselves to each other, it should be what you dream it to be. We want to celebrate who you two are as a couple, and your unique love story (Not just a random Pinterest board, we love Pinterest, but it should be an inspo, we still want to see the real you).

In the end, don’t stress about pleasing other people. You’ll thank me later when you’re dancing the night away!

5: Proud mama’s 
Your dress will get a little dirty, but we will never drag it through the mud and your mama will worry, but we love when they want to watch us photograph or help. They want to be involved as much as possible.
–Mom’s will hover, but you are their baby and they blinked and it’s now your wedding day. It’s a big day for mama’s too!

A lot of people, look at the dad’s (they’re big teddy bears with their daughters how can you not) but I never forget the mama’s!
The mama’s that raised their boys into the men we all want to marry. (Ahem, Aiden from Sex and the City anyone?)

The mama’s that showed their boys how to treat humans, how to love humans because they wanted them to be able to have this wedding and be HAPPY.

So that smile, that little tear, that big breath and slight puff to the chest…  In that moment I know, that mama is proud of her son/daughter and it’s always just a tiny moment, but I can watch it over and over again in my head.


Love, Jamie + Mark (That’s us down there)

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