Cedar Ridge Winery Wedding | Adam + Lauren’s Wedding

Hello, Humans!

What can I say about this gorgeous day, September 2, 2017.
It was nothing short of wicked amazing.

I met Lauren first, when I was barely 16, working as a host at Applebees in Waverly. I mean it was your typical first job working in a restaurant!

Then, I transfered stores and met Adam, at Waterloo Applebees. We’re all applebuddies in the end, and we have the best stories from working that job.

I wasn’t the reason these two met though, how crazy would that be! They met through another mutual friend and well now we are a here a few weeks post wedding!

Their venue was Cedar Ridge Winery in Swisher, IA and it was also my first time there! (Talk about nerve racking for being a wedding photographer and never seeing a venue before the big day) BUT First impressions – WOW. They are amazing, the venue is gorgeous, romantic, and very professional.

Their event coordinator, Ashton, was the sweetest and nicest I think I have come across in the industry. She helped the couple + us and told us where everything was on the property and was readily and willing able to help us!

The staff, amazing!

The decorations + the space – mix of modern but hints of traditional romance

Ceremony Space is intimate but not clustered, perfect little spot for all eyes on the couple.

The couple — PERFECT. Like how are you guys just that adorable!

Only downside… I didn’t get to pet Ruby, but Mark did… (Their puppy)

So, I wish you guys all the love and happiness.. now let me show you some images from their day!

Edit: I will fill in other vendor’s once I verify them!
Venue: Cedar Ridge Winery
Photographer: Jamie + Mark of Jamie Tobin Photography




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