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Hello, humans!

This blog has been burning a huge hole in my drafts for a long time and I think it is about time I hit publish!

I took a year off from my life.

Yep. I took a whole year off from my normal, daily, what I did every single day life.

I was born and raised midwest, Iowa girl and I loved it. I truly believe Iowa is one of the best states to grow up and raise a family in, but I was itching to get out because of this nagging feeling in the back of my brain.

I couldn’t tell you why.. I was happy, but I guess I was just content with the motions.. I almost lost that lovin’ feeling of wanting to do my life.

No, I don’t mean I was depressed I just mean I was just on auto pilot and needed to figure out something fast to reinvent myself and rekindle that fire in my soul.

So this is what I did..

I took a year off from my life, packed up my Ford Escape with what it could hold and I left Iowa in the middle of an ice / blizzard at the end of December 2015.

January 1st 2016 I was in Newport, Rhode Island just staring at the ocean with a mimosa in hand like I did it. I left Iowa. I have no job, I have no where to live, and I have no plan.. but I did it.

I got a job a few weeks later at a store called Simply Mac in Waterford, CT.

I quickly went from sales rep to Assistant Manager and at first I really really liked that job. I liked escaping my life for the time being.  

I loved photography, I have always loved photography but I was barely 22 at the time and felt like I would really regret only being a boss ass bitch in business at such a young age and not getting out and doing stupid 22 year old things.

Such as going to bars, talking to random strangers, and dancing like an idiot in the middle of no where at all the wrong times.

I wanted to travel – so I did. I visited all of New England and really fell in love with Massachusetts + Maine. The smell of the ocean + a good blunt (calm your horses, weed is legal in Maine + Mass and it’s only a matter of time till the rest of the states follow suit).

Yes, I guess Mark was a big influence on how much I loved coming to Mass + Maine. The trees, the smells, the crispy leaves… AH. I miss being able to jump state lines so easily but I am so happy for the time we had out there.


I loved my clients, I loved Iowa, I loved my job.. but I needed that break to really come back at it full force. 

Which JTP has totally revamped, and is on fire for 2017 + 2018.

We are head first into our wedding couples + seniors and I have never felt more in love with my job. I have never felt more blessed to really call this my passion and what I always wanted to do, but more cemented into what I am made to do.

I came back not only reinvented with a brand new look on life, I also met the best man who wants to do this with me. Mark is kind of amazing in every way for me.. I wasn’t looking for him, but it happened and I can’t imagine my life if I wouldn’t have taken a leap of faith to just up and go to New England.

*Read the blog post on how Mark + I met here*


I just wanted to say if you are not feeling something and need a change.. TAKE THE LEAP. DO IT.

Don’t hold back, don’t say the words “I don’t have time/money/exc”

I left Iowa with a car full of clothes and decided if I want to make a change in my life it starts with me doing it right now. I joked with people that my plan was, “To figure out a plan when I got to my planned destination” I thought I wanted NYC, but turns out I am not Carrie and this is not Sex and the City.

Boston has so much history but I like my alone time.

Connecticut is amazing in the fall, so many hills and colors.

Maine smells amazing, like Maple 🙂

New Hampshire is a great place to shop – no sales tax on clothes!

Rhode island has some amazing Bars!

I just want to encourage you to live your life and do the thing that scares you most..

I did it when I really needed it, and its funny how everything happens for a reason and I have no clue what the bigger picture is but if you would have told me this would be my life 2 years ago I would have said you’re lying.. but I’m not.


Love, Jamie




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