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Hello, Humans!

How Jamie + Mark met!

You might want to grab some popcorn, because you’ll think our story is made up but I promise you it is not!

Mark started working at Simply Mac September 2015

Jamie started working at Simply Mac January 2016

Both of us hold the same job title of Assistant Manager of our stores, Jamie’s was in Waterford, CT and Mark’s was in Mansfeild, MA. (About 100 miles apart)

So, we worked for an Apple retailer and one day a customer came into Mark’s store and wanted to purchase a MacBook Pro.. now you know that plastic wrap the comes on the boxes? Well it was ripped on the top, not opened, just ripped because that plastic is so thin and so easy to rip it happened while in shipping to Mark’s store..

But.. the customer was pissed because he wanted something completely “new” and “unopened” .. which the device was, but again had ripped plastic just on one side that was barely even a few inches long of a rip.

Mark calls my store for a transfer of the same computer with intact plastic wrap and my service tech, Sonia, answers the phone and later tells me the story of how the customer was mad and if I could transfer the device.

I was like well that sucks, humans can be really mean sometimes.. so I put the MacBook in a box and stuck a sticky note to the computer that said, “Incase no one told you, You are enough, You do enough, Have a good day, <3 Jamie”

I have never met Mark or even knew what he looked like or sounded liked or even how old he was, I just wanted to cheer him up.

(I had sent sticky notes with my orders before that just said have a good day! But I had this urge to send more to Mark that day)

The MacBook arrived at Mark’s store a couple days later and his Store manager at the time (Jim, late 40’s married) open the box and passed the Sticky note to Mark like, uhh I think this was intended for you! (hah! how funny that Jim got the note first)

We had a group chat (App called Slack) for our stores + a few others that were in our distract and Mark took a photo of the sticky note and send me direct messageĀ  on the app like hey, thank you this made my whole day!

I smiled and said you’re welcome! Glad I could help and went on with my business.

Well, a few days later I received a product transfer from Mark’s store physically but not actually in our computer system so ended up messaging him like hey, not sure what is going on with this can you help..

We reached out to our other mangers above us to help but lets just say it was at the bottom of their to-do list to fix the issue but in the mean time Mark and I were chatting back and forth and just talking, like hey hows your day small talk and getting to know each other.

We ended up adding each other on FaceBook and messaging there.. till 4 am.. almost every night that week… and immediately when we woke up the next day..

I was the first to give Mark my actual Phone number.. I was so nervous.

Another day of talking goes by and it is a Sunday and I am laying in my bed and Mark had said the words, would you like to go out for Dinner sometime?

I ran around my house and called my service tech, Sonia, who always poked me for being stubborn and refusing to open up to boys, asking WHAT THE HELL DO I DO? She laughs and says JUST SAY YES ALREADY.

So Mark drives down to me, 110 miles from his house to take me out to dinner..

He let me pick, so my favorite place out there was a bar + grill and we got beers + tator tots.

We then walked around downtown New London, CT and I really didn’t want the date to end because I had never met someone like Mark before. Someone who just understood my weird self.

We drove back to my apartment and hung out a little more, and then Mark went home that night.

He drove down at least 2 times every week to see me and take me out, I finally went to his house and met one of his brothers + his dad. (His mom + other brother was in Maine for the Summer)

Mark asked me out almost every day to be his official girlfriend for about a month.. then July was coming and I was heading to Iowa for a couple weeks and he was heading to Florida for a vacation.. we went out to lunch before we both left and I just kind of looked at him and blurted, “so will you be my boyfriend?”

He looked at me like.. yes.. but seriously? I ASKED YOU OUT FOR DAYS.

haha – insert all the giggles.. I guess that’s just me, stubborn as always.


Well that day we made it official was June 26, 2016. I haven’t looked back since, because.. well.. Mark is the perfect fit for me.

Love, Jamie + Mark

Check out our actual post it note that now hangs in our bedroom!

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