Maria + Nate | Iowa wedding, New York timeless love

We walked in to the office like any normal work day and opened an email from Maria. She was polite and told us how much she loved our work throughout our website and that her and Nate were looking for their wedding photographer.

Now she also mentioned that they both currently resided in New York and they Nate is originally from Iowa.  (Which holla, all the midwest people going out into the world making it a better place!)

Jamie scheduled the online meeting with them and we couldn’t wait to hear about their Winter Wedding plans!


Fast forward – It’s December, it’s about 30ish degrees, no wind, and a little bit of snow fall! It’s wedding day for Maria + Nate.



Maria chose to get her hair done at Mona’s Hair Salon in Decorah (Which she did an amazing job + has this cute little in-home salon!) The pup wanted in on some of the action, too. If I remember right, her name was Luna.. eek don’t quote me on that one!



We met up with Maria’s mom over at the hotel, and it was one of my favorite moments from the day (and weddings in general) The emotional response and overwhelming love that just poured out was contagious. Not to mention that smirk her dad gave when we got to the bottom of the landing.




We started with a few portraits of Maria while waiting for Nate at the church, and wanted to capture that pure joy that you can see in Maria’s eyes.




The moment Nate walked in the church it was as if they were the only two in the room. Everything melted from sight as they embraced for the first time that morning, taking in their wedding day.



The ceremony was in this quaint little church on the hill, and there was not an empty seat in sight! The church attendant pulled us aside and said a wedding hasn’t been this full in years, she said with the proudest smile. Everyone was there for Maria + Nate’s love story to be told and this moment to be written.


Every word, every smile, a little giggles and tears of joy filled the room. Yes, even a little mischief in the back row.


Maria + Nate snuck away with us to grab portraits throughout the day, we were never gone from the celebrations longer than 15 minutes at a time. We wanted to be as involved in their day with their loved ones as possible. Every moment we had alone with them they were completely in love, with minor direction they just took it to the next level -because only true love and emotion can do that.


We loved the traditions that were upheld, and the love that was shared. Not only from Maria + Nate but their family and friends! Grandma gave a wonderful speech, and made sure everyone felt like family.


There were hugs that make us hold our breath because of how much meaning they held.

There was delicious food, and unique cakes – and don’t forget that adorable cake topper and the music! Ah! Wonderful live music!




We are so overjoyed to be able to share in Maria + Nate’s day and wish them all the love and happiness in their years together.


Love, jamie + mark


Jamie + Mark are wedding photographers that travel all around the United States. They are usually found in Iowa with their 3 cats, snake, and gecko. 
They love capturing wedding days because every love story deserves to be told. 

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