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Choose Happiness Over being a Size ___ #Internet Approved

Hello Human!

Happy blog day! On Tuesday we release a new blog post about life, weddings, our real clients, and bits of our personal world!

With Fall of 2019 coming in swift, I wanted to bring to light a subject that is hard to talk about.

Focus on being happy at ______ event / moment in time / every day and not a size “Internet Approved”

*Cover photo of Jamie done by the amazing photography talents of @ Nicole Harnois Photography!

I am a size 4-6 in pants

I am a size 10 in bridal

I am a size Sh’medium in tops

I am mostly uncomfortable in really tight clothes

I wear size 6-7 shoes

I have strong, broad shoulders.

I have bold green eyes.

I am barely pushing a 5’0 frame.

My weight floats between 130-140

Does that make you feel better about yourself knowing my stats? If it does, alright I understand, if it doesn’t, don’t worry about them! That’s just facts about my body, not facts about you.

I know it can be hard in our generation with how much we scroll social media. What makes it worse is the little things the internet throws in our face.. like the fact that most health websites will tell you that I’m overweight. BMI or all that jazz…

But the internet doesn’t know I can bench half my body weight (least on a good day when I’m consistent at the gym). The internet doesn’t know that I will go watch my friend’s kids when a photo session needs to take priority.

The internet doesn’t care, but I do.

The internet is an object, a devil in a mirror trying to tell you that you’re not worth it. I’m here to tell you that you are.

Every body is different, no one body is “law”, and every person’s love story deserves to be told.

If you’re feeling anxious leading up to your wedding day to fulfill the internets standards.. please, please take a minute to breathe and tell it to F off.

Your wedding day is not someones portfolio, it’s not someones opportunity to criticize the extra white claw you had at your bachelorette party…

If you struggle with body image, I can relate. I’ve had times where I completely hated myself. I mean… it’s a photoshopped world and I’m just trying to only take out my acne, not my quirks that make me, me.

We’re all inclusive here at JTP. I’m sure you have figured that out by meow, but we want to tell love stories.. and to us love stories aren’t “one type” of human.

Plus, we’re here to listen if you’re struggling.
We’re ready to be your hype team when you find your dress, your venue…
When you check off a big goal in your marriage.
When you bring tiny humans in the world.
We’re here for our clients, even if that means the camera isn’t even present.

Love, Jamie + Mark

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