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Forget baby blue, we wanted muted Tones!

There would be no baby blue typical boy nurseries in our house. Muted earthy tones are the best. Plus, we absolutely love exploring, and the PNW helped inspire us to pick our boy’s name.

Mercer Remington Laracy was born on February 26, 2021.. and it was kind of a traumatic birth, but you can read that birth story here –> Mercer’s Birth Story

But, let’s get back to the design goods you were looking for.

Earthy, Muted Tones, Gender Neutral baby room

I love the mountains of Colorado and the PNW trees. That mountains feel like home.

We’re just your every day lame, ex-emo kid, 90’s hipster parents.

We love being outside, and loving on our animals (3 cats + a snake). So, it was only fitting for us to introduce our baby to the things we love to..

Design Pieces

Some pieces I stole from my parent’s house.. like the fake evergreen trees. I wish I was better at keeping real plants alive, but hey you win some, you lose some.

Other pieces I sourced from garage sales + online!

Want to steal some of my design finds –> I have my storefront set up here!

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