My kindness is a strength, not a weakness.

Hello Human!

Today’s blog post is all personal rambling thoughts, so feel free to skip to just photos if you want!

My personality type is the “giving, helping, putting others first” kind. I have a problem with putting my needs last, and sometimes that can leave me exhausted.

There is no shame in admitting I get exhausted from too much social interaction.. I often look forward to my “off-season” to re charge and learn new things.

Amelia Charleen Photo credit * Our Wedding Day *

Sometimes, I can’t find the right way to say something and it comes off as rude. That’s probably why I quote music + movies so often because I can’t find a “nice” way to say something. The saying “foot in my mouth” yeah, it happens to me a lot because I can’t get the words out.

*Because if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all – me leaving things on read oops.

Iowa nice is so intertwined with my personality I find myself apologizing to people who have done me wrong.

For example someone misses their deadline with me, not my fault at all, and I apologize for asking for the product I’ve paid for.

Chelsea Dawn Weddings Photo Credit

I’m learning as I’m approaching the second half of my 20’s that it’s okay to be firm. You can be firm, and still remain in the nice category while doing business + personal life.

I’m excited to teach photographers in April of 2020, maybe express with other creative minds my thoughts and bounce back if anyone feels the same way I do.

I’m also scared to teach.. I’ve been in professional photography just over 8 years and wonder do people think of me as a sell out because I want to help someone with something I once struggled with?

Each year I have pushed myself further in my career, refusing to stay stagnant, it’s the growth in my work that I live for. I never want to say “this is it, I can’t do any better than this”.

But.. if I can say that in business than I also need to say that in my personal life. I need to stop saying sorry.
“It’s a fucked up female habit, stop that.” – A Simple Favor (Movie)

Oh, PS: my blog is not G rated 😉

In a world where kindness is taken for granted, I hope I can inspire more people to try to be better for themselves, and help someone just because.

Love, Jamie + Mark