June 26, 2019 | Our "Courthouse" / Secret Garden Wedding day - Jamie Tobin Photography

June 26, 2019 | Our “Courthouse” / Secret Garden Wedding day

Hello Human!

Let me tell you all about how we got married at “the courthouse” and why we choose to do it this way!

Chelsea Dawn Weddings photographed our courthouse day — check her blog for more sneak peeks, can’t wait to see them all and share!!

We wanted to keep our anniversary, that is why we got married on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 10 am in the Butterfly garden.

We live in Waverly (Bremer County) and our courthouse only does weddings on Fridays… which wasn’t going to work for the date we wanted, so they would do it at their law offices down the road…. but….

Seeing as we’re photographers, and we couldn’t have the courthouse.. well we chose a better location!

We are hopeless romantics, why wouldn’t we get married at the library in their butterfly garden?

Basically, all we had to do was call Karen (the judge) and set up the time + date, and then pay her $200.

That’s it.

Minus, I forgot the $200 on wedding day and my amazing mother in law remembered… oops moment!

The ceremony was short, sweet, and we can’t wait to see the images from Chelsea Dawn Weddings.

We only had 8 witnesses.
Dave + Dawn Tobin
Andrea Tobin
Grama Donna
Lori Laracy, Mitch Laracy
Hannah Tucker
Tasha Webb

It was exactly what we wanted… minus missing big Mark + Matt Laracy, and my brothers Guy + Luke.

I would totally recommend doing this to our couples, too!
It’s less stress trying to find / make someone ordained to perform your ceremony … and no paper work, someone else files it, you just receive the marriage license in the mail!

Our courthouse also mentioned about it being a free ceremony if performed in the courthouse on Friday… but we wanted Wednesday so a way you could save money but then still do an epic party + photos + video!

We still dressed up for our ceremony, my dress was from LuLu’s, Mark’s suit from Indochino!

We told our witnesses to wear whatever they felt like, and then went out for brunch at Village Inn after!

If we could re live our wedding days… we totally would! If you need help trying to figure out what to do, I’m here for all the ideas!

Love, Jamie + Mark

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