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What your Investment in Photography means | Jamie Tobin Photography

Hello human!!

Welcome to the blog, my name is Jamie and I’m your host this evening… ha 😉

Have you ever wondered what your investment in photography means? Like what it truly means for you, not the break down I could give you in photographer language that only photographers care about because we like feeling like we’re not alone…

When you invest in photography you are investing in yourself, your family, and the past+future self you may not fully realize yet.

Photography will always be an investment, and to me it will always be worth it. I thrive off of memories, moments, and art itself. I understand not everyone shares my views, and thats a-okay with me.

What I mean when I say you’re investing in your past+future is you are taking the steps to record something that is extremely important to you right now.

Whether that is your newborn baby, your engagement, your wedding… it’s important because life is short. Humans don’t live forever, but we have this need to make sure we carry on, and leave stories for our future generations.

Then you have the preservation of your past. 50 years from now life will look so drastically different, who knows if blogging will be a thing 50 years from now.

Looking through photos of my gramas from their childhood is like looking at a different world. I’m sure they feel the same looking through our wedding album.. I mean I have blue hair. 😉

But that’s the thing isn’t it. How would I have pictured my grama’s past if not for the investment of photography? I could have a wild imagination but it wouldn’t be the same as holding this faded photograph.

Do you deserve photography? Yes!
Does that mean you have to save to work with certain artists, absolutely. Will it be worth it… I believe so.

If you were to look back at photos of Mark + I’s relationship you should be able to spot the differences. We went from two people just figuring each other out, to knowing we are each other’s person.

I wouldn’t be able to relive that without photography.. It truly is an investment that lets me relive my life in physical items.

Don’t waste your chance at your past, future, and right now memories.

Love, Jamie + Mark

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