Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re not super stoked about a traditional, large church wedding. And honestly, I don’t blame you. They always felt a little stuffy and performative for my liking (but no shame if that’s what you’re into!). 

Personally, I’m obsessed with small, intimate weddings and elopements. Why? Because I had one of my own and it was the coolest, most “us” thing my husband and I could’ve done. And I want to support as many couples as I can in experiencing that same level of magic.

It’s about what you do with it, ya know??

My origin story isn’t your classic, “I found my mom’s old dusty camera one day and never looked back.” It’s more like, “I fell in love with love and that led me to photography and THEN I never looked back.” But let me rewind real quick.

Like every little girl ever, I was asked to be the flower girl at a family member’s wedding. I distinctly remember hating the way the scratchy fabric felt on my skin and wondering why the heck I had to wear it anyway. I couldn’t wait for the wedding to be over and change back into something comfy (and yes, this is still my line of thinking).

But the moment I walked down the aisle and began tossing petals left and right, I was hooked. The teary eyes. The oohs and aahs. The love you could feel in the air! It was like a real-life rom-com only better.

After that, I completely forgot about the dress and focused fully on getting down on the dance floor until my parents drug me out of the reception.

A decade or so later, I photographed my first wedding. And those feelings of excitement, love, and endless possibilities came rushing right back. I knew, with perfect clarity, that this was what I was made for. 

Also yes—I did get a degree in photography which 100% helped me refine and elevate my technical skills. But that first wedding truly set the tone for my career. And if you ask nicely enough, I’d stand in as flower girl on your big day (with a camera for a bouquet). 

PS: Yes -- I currently live in Iowa, but my passion is MOUNTAINS! * insert LoTR meme here * 

Maybe she was born into it 

Maybe It’s Maybelline

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

oh my quad. these are my people.

iowa bred
+ corn fed
(and too many opes to count)

A Girl And A Boy Walk Into A Bah

Bah = “bar” in Boston 

Wondering why I split so much of my time between the Midwest and New England? For starters, they’re two totally underrated and absolutely beautiful places. But more importantly, Boston is where I met and fell in love with my now husband Mark before we moved our family back to the Midwest (my home).

50 / 50



States traveled to! So you can count on me to get you where you want to go!

Weddings + Elopements photographed over my 12 years in the industry

Read what my real clients have to say (and their family + friends!) Multiple 5 star reviews!


This could be you! Except you don’t have to eat pancakes or pizza or hike a mountain or do anything you don’t want to do. That’s the point—you deserve a day (or days) crafted around whatever it is that makes you two tick.

My passion is giving you full permission to write your own rules for your wedding + marriage!

Sold! Let’s Plan It!

  • It was 120 degrees and we got married outside (thank you clinical deodorant) 
  • We said “I do” on Wednesday morning and followed up the intimate ceremony with breakfast (because pancakes are life)
  • On Saturday, we had a backyard wedding with our closest family and friends because we wanted them to be able to celebrate with us (there was pizza, wings, cheesecake, and personal vows—it was incredibly cheesy, cute, and totally us)
  • To finish off our wedding week, we headed to the mountains just the two of us and spent a few days in newlywed, adventurous bliss (fresh air and a fresh spouse?
    Nothing better)


My Vibe and Philosophy

So you know what you’re getting into

How I Direct
I’m a sucker for candids and unplanned moments, so I typically let my couples interact naturally and simply document their love. However, if you ever need a little help or direction, I’m down to offer my guidance (I have a ton of super helpful posing prompts that aren’t weird “whisper something funny in their ear” vibes! I promise, there’s a 0% chance you’ll look bad in these photos).

How I Photograph
I approach each session with a movie mindset. Meaning that I ask myself, “If this were a movie, how would this play out? How can I tell the entire story of their love from hand gestures and hugs to belly laughs and playful banter?” With that in mind, I make sure to always be the one moving and finding the right angles and lighting so that you can simply BE.

How I Edit
My images are inspired by film photography, so they’re always true-to-life skin tones with a subtle touch of warmth. And I’ll never morph your body or change the way you look. I’m all about highlighting what makes you YOU and keeping it natural (but elevated).

A Few Guarantees 

From me to you

  1. You will feel seen, loved, and celebrated your entire day (or days!)
  2. We’ll spend plenty of time getting to know each other leading up to your wedding so that you feel ultra comfortable on the day of—and can be 100% yourselves
  3. I’ll connect you with the best vendors to complete your perfect day.
  4. You’re going to laugh…a lot.
  5. No detail will go unmissed. I’ll tuck back your hair. Clasp loose shoes. Move random things out of the background. And ensure you can be fully present while I handle the rest.

 “Jamie and Mark are weird, but don’t worry, it’s the cool kind of weird. The weird that will make you feel comfortable in any situation. Fair warning, you may fall in love with them.”


My fiancé and I can’t speak highly enough of Jamie & Mark. So sweet, extremely prompt, and so talented. They went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations. Love Love Love! 😻



Being a wedding videographer, Jamie and Mark are the best photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only did they make everyone feel very comfortable and at ease, but they were also willing to help me get the shots I needed/wanted!


Nikki S.

Great photographers, even better personalities! Love their photography style. Highly recommended for any kind of occasion. They will capture YOU.

Great photographers, even better personalities!



3 Things I Take Very Seriously

Fun facts but make ‘em random 

  1. Inclusion: Love is genderless and beautiful in all forms. 
  2. Our Planet: I’m Leave No Trace certified and consider caring for our planet a personality trait.
  3. Photos Should Be Printed: Whether hung on a wall or made into an album—your images deserve a physical place to live.

Weird, Quirky,
and True 

  • I’m 99.99% positive I was a squirrel in my past life—if you want a more in-depth explanation of my hypothesis, please feel free to ask!
  • If I were to host a movie marathon consisting of 6 of my favorite movies, we’d be popping popcorn and watching…Lord of The Rings, Deep Impact, Marley and Me, Mean Girls, Fast and The Furious, and Jurassic Park
  • If you’re in charge of pouring my mimosa, please make it 95% champagne and 5% juice 
  • Traveling solo is my chosen thrill, and my favorite places to explore alone are the PNW, Colorado, and Hawaii (but I’m going to Alaska all by myself next year and I cannot wait!) 
  • My precious and perfect human child’s name is Mercer Remington and he genuinely runs the show—I’m not in charge here, I’m simply his snack bitch

mountain views

they're personally my specialty

Why the mountains? Because I am a forgotten hobbit who seeks adventure dear wizard. 😉

But truly It's where my client's (and mine) soul's get set on fire. It's where we feel at ease, and at home with ourselves, our partners, and life. With that fresh mountain air, the views, the vibes, it's what we love most about nature. 

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