Are YOU ready to choose to get married your way?! Let's photograph your dream! Booking 2022 + 2023

oh my quad. these are my people.

You want a photographer who is seasoned, down to earth, and knows the right process to permits, marriage licenses, and who just wants to have fun making art with you on YOUR day! 

We want to make sure necklaces are straight, and skirts are flowing -- but also that crazy messy Beyoncé wind that gives us full belly laughs. 

Tell me your favorite jam, we have the bluetooth speaker ready to roll on your session.

 I don’t want you to lift a finger, I want you to relax, and unwind, let me do all the creative hard work! I have the style guides and vendor recs to help bring your vision to life. 

we will help you in every way possible to make your day special.

Fun facts about Jamie + Mark:
-First born human is Mercer Remington
-cat parents to three (Raichu, Pikachu, + Pichu)
-huge technology lovers 
-movies + travel + food are always a priority 
-Jamie is from Iowa, Mark is from New England

What makes me stand out to you.... 
Hmm, so I am a huge weirdo. I have to eat a piece of chocolate after every meal. My desire to not put pants on out weighs my desire to be in public. I'm a white wine drinker, but not too sweet. My beliefs are rooted in love is genderless, swearing isn't bad, and a rainy day should be spent watching LoTR. 

i capture MOMENTS For the weird + wild + slightly introverted humans 

Hiii, I’m Jamie

 “Jamie and Mark are weird, but don’t worry, it’s the cool kind of weird. The weird that will make you feel comfortable in any situation. Fair warning, you may fall in love with them.”


My fiancé and I can’t speak highly enough of Jamie & Mark. So sweet, extremely prompt, and so talented. They went above and beyond, exceeding our expectations. Love Love Love! 😻



Being a wedding videographer, Jamie and Mark are the best photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only did they make everyone feel very comfortable and at ease, but they were also willing to help me get the shots I needed/wanted!


Nikki S.

Great photographers, even better personalities! Love their photography style. Highly recommended for any kind of occasion. They will capture YOU.

Great photographers, even better personalities!

from cool people

kind words


We eloped ourselves!
We don't just support your choice, but lived it too.

Eloped on a wednesday in a garden, 
Then a backyard pizza party with our close family
Then ran away to the mountains just the two of us!

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