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Whether you need help from camera settings, to editing, to a session work flow -- let’s take your questions, make a game plan, and custom fit your education to help you leap in your business. There is enough room for us all to eat! 

I’m a pretty hands on and super talkative teacher, I want to make sure the laptop + camera is in your fingers and you’re doing things yourself, then we can tweak, and adjust where the gaps are. 

That’s where I’m here to help you! I have years worth of trial and error, frustrations, and over all love of helping people grow. 

I see you, I was you. You stalk photographers who are on different levels, trying to figure it out on your own.. Which has worked for a while, but now it’s time to invest in your own education! 

Hiii fellow photog! 

1:1 mentorship is for the photographer who wants a custom education made exactly for them, and where they are in their current state of business / photography! 

We have options that include a shoot with, or just a coffee date to go over BTS sort of work!

Your mentorship with us includes a questionnaire so we can make sure to start an outline before we sit down, and so I can arrange models for any shoot out!


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