Midwest + New England .. Well anywhere you're having a small wedding or elopement in the United States! ;) 


Here's what to

It's time you got IN your photos!

Learn how to get in the photo with your kids / family

I'm a no fluff straight to the point educator

Learn the editing tools in Photos app AND Lightroom mobile

Give yourself permission to do something for yourself, learn a new hobby, and start creating your own version of weird art.

Exclusive Lightroom Mobile (cc) Presets
(Need a computer to install)

Showing you the differences in settings, and how to get creamy, blurry backgrounds

Explaining the basics of photography and how it applies to iPhone photography

A non-judgmental support system 

#Proof Of Mom

I just want to give you a shoutout for answering my questions and advice when comes to photography!  Thank you for being so awesome when comes to helping others, even in a simple answer!!!


Could not be happier with Jamie's talents! She really knows how to capture a person's soul!


Where do I start? Jamie is not only a great photographer, but also a great educator. she has been going above and beyond for us creators.


take their word for it!

With this iPhone Photography Course, you'll be able to

Minimize your margin of error with a trustworthy blueprint and instructional videos from yours truly

  • Skip Costly Mistakes
    Avoid setbacks and maximize the little time you have available to actually jump in the photo with your kids.

  • Bridge the Gap
    Access a clear-cut plan that stands between you and finally taking dreamy photos on your iPhone. 

  • Confidently Create
    Give yourself permission to do something for yourself, learn a new hobby, and start creating your own version of weird art.

i do things scared

So you know what you’re getting into

I do things scared. It's where my creative genius comes to life. Which is why I dove head first into my business this year to help photographers, humans, and just people like you every day. I've had a passion for photography since my flower girl days (which you can still have me stand in as one hehe). Then I had the thought of how can I help you, someone who doesn't want to have a photography business, but wants GOOD photos from the every day moments. Then I realized after explaining my iPhone to my mom time after time.. I needed to build an iPhone photography course. She may have been my muse so that I knew I would love the photo she would take of me and my baby, but now you will have access to the inside secrets, too.

know this all too well?

Investing in your education means less wasted time trying to fumble around on your own and precious moments back in your life. No need to play a guessing game; the prep work has already been done for you in this digital course with hands on videos plus exclusive step-by-step tutorials.
You have the latest iPhone (Or even only a couple years old) and you were sold from the commercials showing the quality of the camera. BUT now you stare at your phone like wait - how do I ACTUALLY get these images that I was shown this iPhone can make? 

You've come to the right human. (ME ha!) I built this online course entirely for everyday humans who just want good every day life photos. YOU want that luxury look to your luxury mobile phone, and now you have someone who will break it down for you with simple terms, video explanations, and the best part all of this info can be learned in ONE DAY!



because who doesn't love extras?

Tired of being confused why your phone is out of storage?
Need someone to just show you how to restore your phone?
I deleted things... why does my phone say no storage???

I included my bonus videos explaining these most common questions people ask me about Apple products, gear and advanced tips to be a confident iPhone user!
ALSO: You'll see BTS of me editing + shooting!

Your only three easy, no interest payments away from better iPhone photos! 

Let’s do it! 

3 payments of $93


You're ready to dive in and have no hassle of monthly payments! All you have to do is pay and your in!

one time payment $279

pay in full

take their word
for it

Jamie and Mark are my favorite photographers I’ve ever worked with. They always make you feel comfortable and their work is amazing. Absolutely worth every penny. They’re even willing to travel to Hawaii for our destination wedding. I can’t recommend enough!

- Bailey + Derek 2022

ready to get in your shot?

I gotchuu!