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20 Bachelorette / Bachelor Party Ideas!

Hello Human!

This time of year is kind of my favorite, it’s chilly, it’s family time.. and business things are switched to prepping for 2020 wedding season!

We do a lot of behind the scenes work during December – February, and do not feel guilty about our time off spent traveling to see family in New England!

With Christmas coming up, I wanted today’s blog to be party-filled.

Let’s dive into ideas to celebrate with your friends before your wedding day!!

1: Lost Island Water Park / Theme Park / The Dells

2: Las Vegas (I suppose I’ll mention it early)

3: Go Carts

4: Bowling

5: Movie night in with the girls + wine

6: Party bus + bar crawl as one big group!

7: Mini Road Trip to X State

8: Putting Together Wedding Favors (Work is fun with friends)

9: Scavenger Hunt (Like in the movie “The Sleepover”) 😉

10: Dancers / Entertainers .. Not sorry because it’s fun and they are paid to show you a good time, not sleep with you 😉

11: Potluck at home with board games

12: Hiking in the mountains

13: Laser Tag

14: Murder Mystery / Escape Room

15: Traditional fancy wined + dined in private room

16: airbnb Cooking experience

17: DISNEYLAND / Universal studios

18: Go to Wisconsin for the Weekend for beer + cheese + football (season depending)

19: Kidnap the bride in a car trunk, and then have the groom search for the bride as it is a Schrute family tradition

20: The one thing that makes your friend group happy that you NORMALLY do. It’s all about the people you share life with that make the experience right?

Share your story below with us!!

Love, Jamie + Mark

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