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How to pick photoshoot outfits

Hello Humans! How’s your day going?!

Welcome to JTP’s blog, we post new content -almost- every Tuesday! We’re going to give you our top 5 tips for picking a photoshoot worthy outfit! The do’s and don’ts!

Tip 1: Simplicity
Don’t mix too many patterns! They will get distracting, and sometimes cause something called “moire” on film.

We want to keep focus on the humans and not… “what is that shirt?”

Do pick a color scheme, and then mix and match on the tones throughout all the humans that will be in the photo. This will give your eyes something visually pleasing to look at and keep you looking at the photo.

Tip 2: Layers
Layers look amazing on men + women + tiny hums!
They add that extra yaaaas, and you can easily switch things up on location by taking off a layer or two!

They also can add a little pop of movement in photos if the breeze catches a jacket, or cardigan.

Layers can also add that “I’m adulting now” vibe 😉

Tip 3: Location Factor
If your session is in the mountains.. don’t forget a jacket because it will be windy + colder further up, than in the valley.

Make sure to bring flats to walk in too! I move around a lot on sessions!
Also you might want a water bottle + hair brush!

Tip 4: Colors
As photographers we personally hate giant logos, and over bright colors. Unless it is a specific shoot with neon roller blades + 80’s work out throw back… we prefer earthy tones, muted shades, and saturation.

Certain colors will cast back on your skin, so that is why we try to avoid bright colors!

Maroons + greys + navy + earthy tans are top favorites in our portfolio.

Tip 5: Accessories
They can be optional, don’t feel the need to have them if you aren’t someone who wears them on the regular.

Wide brim floppy hats on females
Skirts + over the knee boots

Love, Jamie + Mark

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