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7 tips on How to rock your Boudoir Session!

Hello humans!

So, I recently did a boudoir session with one of my good friends (and professional photographer) Nicole Harnois Photography (Check her out here! http://nicoleharnoisphotography.com/ )

Her gorgeous studio is downtown, big windows, white walls.. it’s basically the perfect setting! I’ve down boudoir sessions in the past and always had fun.. I mean who doesn’t like a little extra pampering? BUT I know some women get really anxious preparing for a session like this, so I thought I would help!

All photos of me photographed by Nicole Harnois!


1: C O N F I D E N C E

Confidence is key! Honestly, it’s key in almost every situation that life can throw you. People can pick up on when you’re not sure of yourself, and I’m not saying I am always sure of myself, but hold your head up high gorgeous – you deserve this! When you walk into a room even if your scared shitless, hold your head up and repeat the words: I am Ashley Graham. Least, she’s my spirit human.

What’s wrong with being confident? – Demi 


2: Outfits true to you

I know you’re thinking you have to have sexy little pieces to rock a boudoir, and honestly you don’t. I’ve done both a “sexy” session and a “cute + cozy” session. (This one being my cute + cozy)

Let me tell you, I honestly loved this session (cute+cozy) because I was true to myself. I live for oversized sweaters, my man’s clothes, and all the soft fabrics. That’s just who I am as a human. Now, I can have a wild side and that’s where I can throw in some scandalous pieces of clothing but photographer’s can tell when you’re wearing something completely outside of your comfort zone because it reads across your face and will read across your photos. So again, this session is about you, whether you’re gifting it to your other half or not, IT’S ABOUT YOU.  If you think this is what they will like over what you really are, you might be setting yourself up for insecurities. But I’m just saying might and from my experience what I have seen.

Also years down the road when you’re looking back at your ass thinking, damn I was hot as fuck… outfits true to you, tend to look more timeless and show less of the “age + time” you took those photos.

BUT disclaimer, if you’re going for that 1940-50’s pin up girl – fucking rock that. Rock it when confidence.



3: Communication

Photographer’s want to know what you’re thinking, we have visions but we know that shoots don’t just happen without communication.  (Like most things in life, you need to talk!)

If you’re just meeting the photographer, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask if you can grab a cup of coffee and just talk about the session and what to expect. Just by voicing your nerves and talking about it, I swear it will take a load off of your shoulders. Photographers (least my friends and I) Don’t bite, and want to make sure your comfortable, confident, and having fun. If you’re bottled up with nerves and anxious emotions it is harder for us to relax you moments before rather than say a few weeks before. The more you know, the better you’ll feel.

Now disclaimer, we do have busy schedules and can’t meet up every day, but a good coffee moment a week or so before your session can really help and finalize ideas!


4: Expectations of you + your body + your photographer

Rock those curves
Rock that tall frame
Rock your hair, lashes, nails
GIRL – just rock your body.

As a photographer, I strive to pose my clients in the most flattering of ways, and we would never purposely try to put you in an unflattering angle but just know some humans can do certain poses better than others. There is nothing wrong with not being able to do something, or do it better than someone else. I want expectations to be as clear as day, what my job is, client’s job is, everyone’s job is! Haha!

But just know, women have rolls when we sit. It’s natural.
We have stretch marks, we have cellulite, these are not dirty words. These are parts of us as women, as humans. Now as photographer’s we try to pose and light clients a certain way so that your beautiful face and features shine, and we try to reflect you exactly as you are and how beautiful you really are!

We can photoshop certain flaws, but me personally, will not photoshop a client into someone they are not. If you have fears or insecure about certain body parts just communicate that with your photographer and we will work with it and make sure not to flaunt certain parts!



5: Makeup + hair

If your photographer is not including hair or makeup in your session, give yourself permission to go get it done! Because getting dolled up and fussed over is fun.. least in my opinion 🙂

Get a few ideas for a pretty braid, curls, or wear extensions! Have fun!
Go all out with a sexy smokey eye, or dark lip!
If you’re not one for a lot of makeup or hair go a little lighter, you don’t have to go too dark, or too little – basically be true to yourself, and let loose!


6:  Let your photographer have artistic control

I know… I KNOW. I said the word control. LET IT GOOO.. okay no Frozen references.

But photographer’s feed off your energy (That sounds creepy out of context) yet it’s true! We may have an idea in our heads before the session but client’s may do one thing and then BOOM light bulb and a whole new idea comes into play!

So bring your ideas, but also work with the photographer if they have a lightbulb moment in the middle of your session, 90% of the time, it’s badass and you’ll want a large print of it.



7: Have fun!

Even if you’re a nervous wreck, this is suppose to be fun. IT IS FUN. By the end of the session we as photographer’s want you to feel beautiful, Queen bee, and sassy AF. Haha, no but really.. plan a date for afterwards since you’re dolled up and tell your human it was a modeling session 🙂

Go out with your girls and grab a martini because you deserve one!

Bring the vodka to your session… hehe well maybe ask the photographer first 😉



I hope these 7 tips help, honestly I’m sure I missed a few other pointers but I just want to help my fellow ladies have a wicked amazing Boudoir session!

Again, these photos of me were from my Boudoir session with Nicole Harnois Photography in Cedar Falls, IA!

Much love,



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