After Wedding Day – What YOU need to know

After Wedding day you probably didn’t think you’d need a checklist of what to do, right? Let’s prepare you for what to do with your digital wedding images after your photographer has given them to you!

First up – PRINT Them!

Always will tell you to print your photos! I offer a full print menu of my professional papers and one of a kind albums. These products mean so much to me and are really cool to put your own wedding images on.

If you’d like high quality gift prints or art for your own home!

OR maybe you want to include a parent album where I duplicate your album and print multiple for you to gift your families.

After Wedding Day, Don’t forget to share with family

Your wedding day is a personal, and beautiful memory so let’s dive into how to share them with your family and friends.

What I provide for my clients is an online gallery AND a mail them a physical USB drive pre loaded with their gallery.

This makes it easy for my clients to view their photos instantly and then share the link with anyone they want, but also a physical back up option to keep in a fire proof safe.

The best ways to share with your loved ones are…

  1. Give them the online gallery link and let them download whatever photo they want (make sure your photographer allows this!)
  2. Download the images you want them to have, then email them to those people
  3. Go over to their houses and sign into the link and download images to their computer (That way you still control the link power)
  4. Gift them prints
  5. If you’re an apple user take advantage of Airdrop from your phones / MacBook / iPads
  6. Create an iCloud sharing gallery on your phone and text the link (let’s you control what images they see)

These are just a few of my tips when it comes to sharing images! What is a creative way you’ve done?

After Wedding Day – A few consumer ways to print:

  1. Chatbooks
  3. Artifact Uprising

I do not recommend using drugstores or big box stores for printing your professional wedding images because their printers are just not the type of quality you’d expect. They either will come out cropped wrong or a completely different color.

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My passion is small weddings at venues like wineries or converted post offices PLUS hiking elopements all over the United States!

Read up on me, maybe we’re a match!

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