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Can I invite people to my intimate elopement?

You want to elope, AND you want a few extra people with you – POWER TO YOU!

Just because you are eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t have your closest family + friends come along with you.

An elopement is still a wedding, it is not just a photoshoot.

Your elopement DESERVES all day coverage, it deserves a full experience and I am extremely passionate about making sure you + your spouse have your dream day and if that includes a few extra humans (or fur baby) than let’s do it.

Define Elopement: (Hint, not always just two people)

A day a couple decides to get married, their way, on their own terms

This can take place in a destination, a local spot, in a city, in nature, anywhere.

There can still be a ceremony, with readings, and getting ready moments with parents.

That’s why when couples reach out to me thinking they either “can’t” have or do something I’m ready to bust that myth open.

Maybe check out my series on “How to Elope” here!

Who Do I invite…?

To me that is simple, look at your every day life who is always there for you?

Are you close with your family, and really want your parents with you – check, they are invited.

What about your best friend – check, bet you anything they will be ready to hype you up!

Let’s also dive a little deeper, what about the people who think they are entitled to your wedding day, but the thought of them being their gives you extreme anxiety.


No one is entitled to be a guest to your marriage.

I will gladly go to bat for you and help craft an email to send to your guests on what to expect, or even a “we eloped” announcement to include with your photos!

How do I prepare the people that are coming..?

So, I help write an email that you can copy and paste and send to your people, or even personalize it a bit more for each individual person.

Some key points I think we should bring up to any guests coming are:

1: What they should wear

2: Shoes (if hiking or beach)

3: Food

4: Schedule (that way they aren’t with you all day if you two want alone time)

5: Lodging

While not all of these apply to every elopement, once we have a plan in place we can let guests know about a month before what they should think about when it comes to your special day.

A few ideas is to send them information about where we are going, and why it means so much to you, too.

Or even just giving them the basic plan ahead page like here, on Rocky Mountain National Park’s website!

Okay, Now What?

You want to elope, you want a few extra people, let’s move on to a location + planning your experience.

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