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Cedar Falls Iowa Wedding Photographer

Get ready with me, your Cedar Falls, Iowa Wedding Photographer! Haha, okay I’m actually a little everywhere these days. My home may be in Cedar Falls but I am very heavy on the destination work!

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Cedar Falls Iowa Wedding Photographer

When it comes to getting married in Iowa you have options — no it doesn’t have to be a cow barn with no AC either!

There are gorgeous venues, wineries, and nature spots to pick from.

I’ll actually be photographing at a winery tomorrow — one of my favorites. So This is how I personally prep for weddings whether they are my clients or if I am associate photographing for one of my photographer friends.

Prep Your Camera: Wedding Style

  1. Make sure your camera is set to shoot in RAW (or CRAW) I use CRAW to save space on my SD cards
  2. Make sure your shooting style is where you want it, incase you recently did a job that had you put it in a different mode (like video mode)
  3. Make sure your camera is ready to photographer on dual cards
  4. Format your cards so they are fresh and ready
  5. Name your camera / camera files per camera (i.e JTP_r6)

Then of course checking your gear to make sure batteries are charged, lenses are clean, and your camera is firing is always a good idea.

Oh and if you do film — don’t forget your film stock.

Plus then I throw in extra batteries for my film camera, and a charger for my Godox flashes + camera just incase!

If I have my laptop with me I make sure to back up client’s images as fast as I can so I have multiple copies of their RAWs (because you just never know what could happen!)

How much does your gear weigh?

Wedding gear is no joke, and making sure you have gear that works + back up gear for a wedding does take a toll on your back.

My gear weighs in around 30 pounds when you have all my cameras, laptop, tripods, flashes, and misc items.

I joke getting in shape for wedding season, but truly, I would do a little something before your first wedding of your season!

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Hiii I’m Jamie. I’m a photographer who grew up in Iowa, has a home in Cedar Falls, and then travels everywhere around the country. You’ll catch me splitting my wedding season generally half in Washington / Oregon and half in Iowa.

My family still lives in Iowa and it’s where my boys can spend time with them while I can still hop around the country.

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