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Eloping in Alaska: How To Get This Dream

Eloping in Alaska is something you could check off your bucket list. Want to do a glacier tour?? Maybe whale watching, too? Alaska is truly gorgeous, and you won’t believe the landscapes here. So how do you actually get married in this state?

Glad you’re here for me to break it down! Then contact me to get images like these to hang in your home.

Want the cliff notes via video? Here you go! ⤵️

How to Elope in Alaska video – Jamie Tobin Photography

How to get a Marriage License for Eloping in Alaska

You must be 18 years old, and can be a resident or non resident of Alaska but you have to do the applying in person at the closest court house to where you want to get married.

No blood work is required, but you may have to prove your age with your birth certificate.

Key notes about license expiration: “The application is good for one year, however once the License is issued and picked up, it is only valid for 90 days. If you do not get married within that time frame, the License will be void and you must reapply, including another $60.00 fee.”

Basically that translates into, you do the paper work and have 1 year to pick up the license. Once you pick up the license you have 90 days to perform your ceremony otherwise you will have to start the process all over again.

It’s pretty straight forward for applying, and then once your ceremony is over you just need to turn you paperwork back into the state to receive your marriage certificate which is also an additional $30.

You do want to have a copy of your license in your emergency book so don’t forget to get it after your wedding day.

Additional resources:

couple posing for engagement photo

All inclusive Venues in Alaska to use for your Elopement

These venues are great for smaller weddings where you want all your people to stay close by. Almost like a family compound wedding?

I’m into it. Just make sure you check for flights, car, and be prepared to sit in road construction because there are not a ton of highways like in other states.

  1. Salted Roots
  2. ope
  3. ope
  4. ope

Activities to do during your elopement adventure

  1. Helicopter Tour
  2. Hiking
  3. Fishing / Boat rental – check this out
  4. Whale Watching
  5. Private chef dinner
  6. National Park exploring
  7. 4×4 Rentals
  8. Sky diving
  9. Train sight seeing
  10. Just straight up relaxing 😉
Glacier cold plunge on your wedding day in Alaska. Image by Jamie Tobin Photography

Eloping in Alaska – don’t invite people who hate you

Seriously why do people do this?

I actually don’t get the whole people pleasing on your wedding day. BE F’N SELFISH. This day is one of the few days it’s suppose to be ALL about you.

Maybe I shouldn’t write blog posts after a glass of wine, but I hope you can feel my giggles through the screen because I am just letting all my brain dumping happen on the spot for this post.

Get a little ratchet & clank with it

Seriously not everything needs to be luxury, you can take a cheap flight and then spend it in the most crazy expensive hotel or private cabin.

I know I don’t mind flying cheap to do more expensive things! Give and take! Not everything has be to one or the other.

Figure out what you love doing, and then do that.

Glacier jump in Alaska by Jamie Tobin Photography

What if you did what you wanted when you’re eloping in Alaska with the LOYL?

No really, what if you did exactly whatever came to your mind (like how I’m just writing this crazy ass blog post right now) instead of booking a venue and inviting people and dreaming about what could have been?

Check out some of my other complete guides, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to Hawaii eloping 🙂

More photos to make you be like YUP I want Jamie’s recipes

I actually make a really good tator tot casserole, want me to make that for you when we’re chilling at your cabin just shootin’ta’shit and telling stories?

That’s what we want as humans anyway.

Yes the pretty details are nice

But I want to give you photos that you can instantly remember what stupid story we told, when the glass fell of the deck, the ring rolled into the mud, and your dog went crazy seeing you two so excited.

I’m interested in helping you pass down a legacy.

Helping you tell your stories, helping you flip through a photo album, and walk past your memories printed and smile with that butterfly gut feeling.

So skip just a fluffy piece

Let’s do something crazy and elope in Alaska

Ps: this A-Frame cabin rental place ADORABLE and they do wedding ceremonies on site with a mountain view, do it. Salted Roots

Contact me here bebeeee

I’m Jamie — Your photographer. I’m into breakfast foods, and Lord of the Rings.. but more than just little facts my passion is helping my clients have dream wedding / elopement days.

What you want, I will do my best to help you.

So dreamy images, someone who isn’t shoving awkward poses down your throat?

Let’s go have fun ⤵️

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