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Finding Wedding Decor and how to make it special

Need help finding Wedding Decor?

One of the harder parts of wedding planning is the decor. Specially if you want to make it special, and your own.

Wedding planning can get overwhelming, trust me, I’m on both sides of it as a professional wedding photographer + a fresh bride.

We planned a small, backyard celebration in the heart of Iowa but still wanted to give it some flare.

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To get the look you want, don’t be afraid of a little DIY! We didn’t spend more than $500 on table scapes, dessert plates, and table runners and thought it turned out bloody brilliant. (Ron Weasley voice)*

Some of my favorite places to score wedding decor deals are….

-Trinkets + Togs
-Local Vintage Markets
-Farmers Markets
-Random stuff on street
-After holiday sales at big box stores

Wedding Decor Tip

We spray painted all of our chargers.. that we got for $30
That way they all looked how we wanted, but didn’t spend more than $1 / charger.
We got the most bang for our buck with the after Christmas sale at Michaels!

It doesn’t have to be 1 color

We also spray painted candle holders … facebook for sale group 🙂

Then used black cheese cloth.. halloween decor.. bought after the holiday on sale!

wedding plate

Don’t forget twinkle lights + tea lights!
Facebook for sale $50 tea lights
Target 300 feet of lights $85 (originally well over $300 bought after Christmas )

We picked up cups from goodwill, styling trays, and little cats to put around off etsy!

We could have easily spent more.. and made it even more done up… but we spent more of our budget on photo + video + attire. Don’t regret it at all!

I also made my own bouquet, and my sisters + mom’s arrangements.

No.. well.. maybe I am slightly a control freak, but I wanted things a certain way, and I knew I could make it happen. Once my mind is set, it’s hard to change my course of action.

We love helping our couples plan, or get deals on the best wedding stuff! We know when to out source you to our favorite people (like Borrow My Vintage) when we can’t do it for you! Let’s chat wedding, or if you just want to talk to me because you just found your dress 😉

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