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How to Apply for Permits for your Wedding Day

When you think about your wedding day the last thing you want to do is all the paperwork.. that’s not the fun part of planning, right?

From the marriage license, to the permits needed for locations, let me guide you on how to do it all.

How to get a Marriage License

If you’re local to Iowa, you’re in luck I already wrote a full blog post on how to do this!

Check out how to get a marriage license in Iowa in THIS post here

BUT chances are you are here because you don’t want to get married in Iowa and need help in a different state. Don’t worry, I still gotchuu!

I don’t want to misquote per state, so just reach out to me for where you want to elope.

That way we will dig into the research to get you the marriage license in the state you want (like Colorado, Maine, Oregon).

In general, you will need to show your ID + another form of identification, a witness, money for any application fees, and will need to apply in the state you are getting married in.


First, please don’t skip on the permit process. They are meant to protect you, me, your wedding, and the area you want to use in general!

Permits are not as scary as they seem!

For the most part, a permit helps park rangers know who is in the park, what we are doing, and if they need to do anything extra to help your day go smooth!

Other times, its to make sure you exclusively get the spot you want, on the day you want so that 100x other couples can’t use the same spot at the same time.

What is a permit?

A permit is like a general contract that you have agreed into with another party stating what you can do + when you can do it.

For example, if you want to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park – we will need to apply for a permit.

This permit will say what we will be doing, when, how many people will be with us, and what part of the park you want to be in.

Some parks will cap how many permits they give out a year, to help ensure leave no trace policies are followed, and to have staff on hand for events.

How do we get these permits..?

Apply online!

Applications are printable, and sometimes need to be filled out and sent in with a check.

Let’s keep with Colorado, so check out this website for more information on if you will need a permit for your event.

How to get Colorado Marriage License

How to get Colorado Permit in Rocky Mountain National Park

Okay I need more help…

I gotchuu! Let’s start planning and I can be your guide to your elopement, in the state you want!

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