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How to have an Adventure Elopement with Minimal Hiking

Adventure Elopement, what comes to your mind?

Are you more of a “sitter”?
Do you find a spot and want to camp out and enjoy the view, while also not hike 10+ miles to get to it?

I see you, I gotchuu!

Let’s learn how to have an Adventure elopement with MINIMAL cardio.

couple walking through national park

Adventure with Ease

When you already decided nature is what you love… The backdrop of a mountain and glow of the sun is what you dream about in your wedding photos.

Sometimes adventure means a 5+ mile hike, but sometimes it doesn’t.

There is not one definition to “adventure” and my goal is to give you the confidence to be in nature no matter your physical abilities.

To adventure you just need to decide that is what it will be to you.

An adventure could even mean just roaming around your city, taking in museums, wine tastings, scoping out the latest art trends.

Whatever adventure you want, let’s Show you how to have adventure in nature with minimal cardio.

Benefits to Minimal Hiking

  1. You won’t get sweaty, or need to change clothes
  2. Most likely only one pair of comfortable shoes, and any dressier shoes for photos.
  3. Get to locations quicker by vehicle transport
  4. Bring family members with you
  5. Usually allows for humans with special transport needs to be present (wheel chair etc)
  6. Dream images that allows for Leave No Trace to be practiced on trails.
  7. Reservations may be required, so a spot would be private to you
  8. No need to change your regular workout routines
  9. Allows for multiple locations in one day
  10. Happy couple, happy wedding day 😏
adventure elopement couple in colorado

How to pack for an Adventure Elopement

Always bring water with any adventure! If possible quick snacks too. The last thing you need is dehydration on your wedding day.

Other items for a hiking elopement (minimal or not) could include a makeup bag for touch ups, carabiner hooks to clip on your dress train, flowers, sign, or your shoes.

I am always a resource depending on your location, all you need to do is ask!

Other items I highly recommend:

  • Extra pair of thick socks
  • Polaroid Camera
  • Offline maps of any area you will be
couple at sunset in Badlands national park

Adventure Elopement – Favorite places to go

Badlands National Park – South Dakota

Acadia National Park – Maine

Garden of the Gods – Colorado

I love these parks because they are easy to get a permit for (when needed) and are really easy access trails + parking.

There are so many places across the World, so I challenge you to think what you really want..

Ocean / Mountains / Mix of Urban + Nature

Check out this Oregon Coast Wedding..

It had minimal hiking the day of, from walking the paths through the trees, and across the beach to get to a secluded ceremony spot that overlooked the ocean.

While their day was covered in nature, we actually spent very little time sweating and more just enjoying time with their family and friends!

Stunning Elopement Photos on Beach in Oregon


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