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How to Make Your Wedding / Elopement Original

Hello pretty little bride or groom to be!
(Or avid daydreamer, we like you too!)

Wedding planning is fun for us. We love celebrating big milestones and the beginning of a marriage is one we can’t wait to partake in!

When it comes to the fear of being over-used we try to comfort our couples the best way we know how and that’s by saying the words – YOU two like what you like, and that’s okay!

You are not the only person in the world to appreciate a candle lit dinner.
You are not the only person in the world to appreciate art.
You are not the only person in the world to go hiking.
You are not the only person in the world who puts ranch on pizza.

Okay, don’t judge that might be an Iowan thing. But ranch goes on everything.

So, you have some big common interests with millions of other people, but that doesn’t mean you have to go through someones wedding album and recreate everything to a fault.

Instead, when it comes to making something your own and original to your love story plan out a story board.

Yes, Pinterest can help but it can also get overwhelming very quickly.

When you look through your clothes what colors do you wear more?
-Easy way to know what already looks good on your skin tone and you wont regret late

Do you find yourself a little all over the place or type-A organized?
-To help figure out if you want more clean lines or cozy feel

You can find inspiration in the oddest places, from your favorite local coffee shop to the grocery store.

If you want something, have it! Don’t worry if it’s “been done” just do it but do it how you normally would!

For example, I LOVE rose gold. The color, the tone, the warmth .. it just speaks to me and I like the way warm tones bring out my skin tone…

— so before I tell you how I am using rose gold I bet you just thought of a picture in your head of how you see rose gold in your every day life, remember that, that is your originality coming through! —

The way we are using rose gold is through metals, and non-shiny irons, earthy materials. Probably different than what you were thinking?

You want your theme to reflect romance, but modern?
-Try minimalist furniture and simple decor
-Stick to muted tones + one shade of bold

Maybe rustic and cozy?
-Warm + earthy tones
-Try to mix and match large and small pieces of furniture / decor

Classic or timeless?
-Try tones of black + white
-Set the invite for “formal attire”

Just a few ideas that my head is picturing totally different than yours!

Remember, we all love the ease of tea lights, but don’t get discouraged because we do… place them in a way that speaks to you!

And when in doubt, reach out to your photographer – we can tell you if something wont look right in photographs!

Love, Jamie + Mark


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