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How to Plan a Non-Traditional Microwedding

Hey you! Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you, the soon-to-be-wed person who’s all about making the most of your love story in the raddest way possible. So you’re considering a microwedding, huh? Well, sit tight, because we’re about to get down and dirty on how to plan a non-traditional microwedding that screams YOU.

What’s a Microwedding and Why Are People Obsessed?

First, let’s get real about what a microwedding actually is. You ready for it? It’s a wedding but with fewer people – like, 50 guests or less. Yeah, that’s it. No rocket science here, but there are some freakin’ awesome reasons why people are jumping on this trend.

  • You Get to Prioritize Quality Time with the Exclusive People in Your life: Spend actual time with the people you love, not just a drive-by “thanks for coming.”
  • You Have a TON of Venue Options: Smaller size means you can get hitched almost anywhere. Dream of getting married in a hot air balloon? DO IT.
  • You Can Personalize the HELL Out of Your Day: With fewer peeps to cater to, you can really make the day about YOU.

Planning Your Microwedding Like a Pro

The Guest List

The list to end all lists! The hardest part here is the “cut.” Friends, family, co-workers – who to invite!? Remember, this is YOUR day. So, if you haven’t talked to someone in years, maybe they don’t make the cut? No guilt trips here, okay?

The Venue

Now that your list is trimmed down to the MVPs of your life, it’s time to pick a killer venue. Think intimate spaces that make your soul light up. From backyards to art galleries and funky cafes, your venue can be as unconventional as you like. Or hey, you could even elope in the mountains and have your microwedding there. Just sayin’.

The Vendors

  • Photographer: Your memories need to be captured, duh.
  • Florist: Whether it’s a single wildflower or lush greenery, this adds the magic.
  • Caterer: Could be a fancy sit-down meal or a food truck. Your call.
  • Music: DJ? Acoustic Duo? Your Spotify playlist? All good choices.

The Aesthetics & Vibes

Think decor, attire, and overall mood. You want your microwedding to be a visual and emotional masterpiece, reflecting both your personalities. Not into white dresses and black tuxes? Ditch ’em. Dreaming of a Boho-chic vibe with jewel tones? Go for it.


You can toss out that rulebook, buddy. Cake smashing, bouquet tossing, line dancing – keep the traditions you dig and skip the ones you don’t. It’s all fair game.

How Much Does it Cost?

The best part? You decide. You can go as luxe or as minimalistic as you want. On average, microweddings can range from $2,000 to $25,000 depending on how fancy you wanna get. Just remember, you get to allocate funds where it matters MOST to you.

After the “I Do”

Now for the fun part – the after-party. Think yard games, movie night, or even a mini-concert featuring local artists. Or, hey, jet off to your honeymoon destination the next morning. Bottom line, it’s all up to you.

Ready to Plan Your Non-Traditional Microwedding?

You know the best part of a non-traditional microwedding? It’s YOURS. Completely and utterly you, no questions asked. Got a wild or unconventional microwedding idea you wanna share? Slide into my DMs or hit me up on Insta. Let’s make your dream wedding a reality!


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