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How to Prep for Your Engagement / Couple Photos with Jamie + Mark!

Hello human!

So, you booked us.. Jamie + Mark – Jamie Tobin Photography – the crazy humans who fell in love over a post it note, and are hopeless romantics trying to find every ounce of good in this world through photography.

Ha – I went a little ham on that intro 😉

Here is what you can expect during your engagement photos with us, because chances are, this will be your first time in front of our camera!

Cliff notes —

Step 1: LIMBER UP!

Step 2: Stretch those hammys, we don’t want to pull one!

Step 3: Bring your belly laughs

Step 4: Props mean beer + wine + coffee too

Step 5: Get ready for off key singing

Step 6: Memories are what we’re after

At the end of the day, the location will be beautiful, your outfits will fade.. but the memory of you two in that moment is what we want to capture.

The way you hold each other, and the way your person can make you forget all the stress your work day brought — that’s the connection we’re seeking.

We talk a lot during your session, and prompt you through weird tasks that will get you to interact with your spouse! Don’t take it too seriously, we’re fools for the goofy every day love.

We don’t stand still, and will move a ton during photo sessions + wedding days! I joke it’s how I get my steps in, but really I just never mastered the art of sitting still. It’s probably why totally posed moments aren’t my thing.

Our goal is emotion. All of it, from tears to laughs.

THEN comes motion. We don’t mind a little “Beyonce wind” as I like to call it. That means I adore outfits with flow-ability (unsure if that’s a word).

Location? We’re nature freaks. We spend hours scoping out spots, but that doesn’t mean we know it all.

If you have somewhere that means something to you, let us know! We want to make your session as personal as possible.

Otherwise leave it us, give us your main goal, and we will take care of it all.

How many outfits?
1-2 is the sweet spot, but bring a few accessories so I can see it in person and we can always change on the fly if the location doesn’t fit with the colors!

Always bring flats / walking shoes!
That way we can get from point A to point B wicked fast.

Want to grab a beer and talk out your wedding after?
If we don’t have plans, then it’s already a date!

Much love + cat pets!


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