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iPhone Photography – Learn it with these simple tricks

iPhone Photography is fun, quick, and readily available..
You can take better photos, and show them off too.

My passion as a professional photographer is also educating others — ESPECIALLY MAMAS.

Because as a fellow mom, we do it all, no clue how, but we do.

Which why not learn on the tool in your hands every damn day — your iPhone?

Your iPhone camera is seriously incredible, and I can’t wait to be your chosen mentor to bring your photography goals to life with it!!

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This isn’t just a “scientific terms” of iPhone photography course..

My approach to iPhone photography is showing you what you need to know in real life situations. How to make the minor tweaks to your settings, angles, and movements to quickly capture your life and family.

While it may be fun to know the terms, I know you as a busy parent / human / person on this earth probably don’t care about that. You want the meat of the sammich, and you want it now.

You will learn things like:

  • What settings to use
  • How to get creamy, blurry backdrops
  • Cropping
  • How lighting effects your photos
  • Editing in Lightroom Mobile
  • Editing in Photos app
  • How to get in the photo with your kids / family / pets
Take Your Shot - iPhone photography course
Take Your Shot – iPhone photography course

iPhone Photography for the busy Parent

When I was pregnant with my first son, I upgraded my iPhone from the 7 to the 12 because I knew I wanted the ability to capture fast photos of my baby (because even as a professional with a big fancy camera, I still want fast and convenient).

I didn’t even get the 12 pro or 12 pro max, I just got the regular iPhone 12 and it clicked with me — most people don’t know how to use the camera on their iPhone.

Constantly just thinking “I’ll do it myself” if I wanted a photo of my baby + me because I knew how to use the features to get in the shot!

Then I decided – nope more parents NEED this information, they deserve to be able to get in the shot with their family, and be able to capture these moments in between professional photography sessions with their photographers.

SO BOOM – my iPhone photography course started to take shape for YOU!

iPhone photography – Is it for me?

Short answer YES – this online course is for you because you’re here. You’re wanting to learn, and you want to have the answers quick, and to the point.

Also does this sound like you below?

  1. You’re an iPhone user who wants to take better photos
  2. Busy parent who wants to take better photos of your kids
  3. You’re a Mom who is tired of never having any photos of you WITH your kids
  4. You need someone to explain it in simple, real life terms that you will actually understand
  5. Need the information available to view on your iPhone or Desktop at an affordable price point

My goal is for you to walk away from this course fully confident to take photos you’re proud of, and ready to print + hang on the fridge.


Ready to sign up?! GOOD! I can’t wait to see you in there.

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Who is Jamie?!

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jamie and I am a professional photographer for the last 11 years.

My biggest love is weddings + elopements, then education. If I help only one person, then I still made a difference in the world.

If I had to choose I would pick cheeseburgers over pizza, too.

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