LGBTQ+ Wedding at The Old 56 Barn in Iowa

Hello Humans!

Blog day – Always a good day because we get to recap a Wedding! Karla + Kelsey tied the knot on August 18, 2018 at Old 56 Barn in Grundy Center! These two #JTPBride ‘s are amazing, and so, so happy they picked Mark + I to document their special day.

We met our ladies that morning as they were getting ready together… our hair and makeup artists spraying + painting away! Which, this moment of Karla watching Kelsey getting her veil put in.. gives me goosebumps just reliving this moment.

Kelsey gave Karla this handkerchief as a wedding present, and we ended up using it all day!

They also have matching engagement + wedding bands. These two are seriously perfect for each other!


As Mark and I roamed around the venue we grabbed as many details shots as we could find. They decorated the barn in a simple, burlap + lights, mix-matching chairs, and a single table runner. There of course was hints of pinks and golds! Pretty sure the best part of the dessert table was the cooler full of DQ Blizzards!
* hint hint Jamie loves ice cream on hot wedding days * 


We hung their dresses together from the rafters, and couldn’t imagine them choosing any other venue. From the Mrs+Mrs signs, to the baby breath.. it was completely Karla + Kelsey!

Their cocktail hour would be held in the bottom of the barn, and reception upstairs, with the ceremony outdoors in the yard! They had the aisle covered in flower petals and the archway draped in a simple cloth.

Plus all their adorable engagement photos printed and strung along in the bar area!

Karla + Kelsey put their dresses on separately and waited to do a first look completely dressed! But first we revealed Karla to her dad, he was so excited for his daughter!

With anticipation building we finally let Kelsey go hug Karla in their dresses + bouquets.



We built in plenty of time for photos with Karla + Kelsey and that means we we’re able to take multiple breaks to grab water and cool off! Summer weddings are wonderful, but please remember to keep hydrated and cool off as needed!  There was no sense of rush, photos were a snap (pun intended) and got the shot list + MORE all done with time to spare before the ceremony started!

They couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other, the day was finally here and they both looked stunning! All the planning, time, and dreams we’re coming to life right in front of their eyes.

Our double bride tribe was amazing! A mix of best friends + family to help celebrate the day with. The bride’s men, they were decked out in bow ties + suspenders!

The venue allowed for so many photos to be taken outside, and piecing these images together in an album, ah! The colors are so rich and so much joy in everyones faces! The moments that matter the most are with their families, I only wish I could speak Spanish with Karla + her family!


Our tiny humans only had one minor melt down 😉

Mark even was able to sneak into a family photo (friends this close are totally family) of their D&D group! Where are all our Critical Role fans? We snuck a cute little present in for the two of them which was playing dice!

We helped sneak in a few photos on mom’s camera, too! We know how excited our parents are for their children, and any way we can help them remember a gorgeous day, we will try!

Karla’s dad was warming up on the guitar, he actually played for them during their first dance. It was amazing!


Their ceremony was short and very, very sweet! They both held back a few tears as they said their vows to each other, held hands, laughed, and maybe mixed together their names into one (“Karlsey” a few times 😉 )

They greeted their guests in the cocktail area of the barn, with many, MANY hugs and well wishes! I mean, how can you not wish two people so madly in love the best marriage!?


Jamie’s favorite cupcake was the lemon!! They had Scratch Cupcakes for their guests + their own individual that they shared together right after being announced into their reception!

As the DJ put it, their wedding was anything but traditional (and no one says you have to follow tradition!) so these two went right into their speeches to thank everyone for coming and supporting their marriage! So many funny stories of the two of them being intertwined since kids and it’s beautiful to witness how much love has been shared over the years.


Yes, their first dance was this magical under all the lights + lanterns. Plus – Dad is playing that guitar!


Kelsey + her dad invited a few of the tiny humans to dance with them during their dance!


The reception party was just getting started, we laughed, danced, and we’re a hot sweaty mess by the end and wouldn’t have it any other way. We took a moment to go outside and get some fresh air and stole some sunset photos all alone! My cheeks still hurt from smiling this much even now writing about them.

They are off to their honeymoon in Mexico, and we’re overjoyed they found us + and we found new friends in them!



Jamie + Mark


Vendor Love:

Photographer: Jamie + Mark | Jamie Tobin Photography

Food: Randalls

Flowers: HyVee Floral

Makeup: Maddisen

Hair: Voya Hair Salon

Dress: Simply I Do in Cedar Falls and Brides and Weddings in Manchester

Tux: Milroy’s

Cake: Scratch Cupcakes and DQ Blizzards
Venue: Old Barn 56, Grundy Center, IA

Ceremony: Old Barn 56, Grundy Center, IA


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