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Kids at Weddings: How to involve them

Kids at weddings, should they be there.. should they not.. what if they are your own kids?
What if you’re eloping?
How do you involve kids at a wedding anyway?
Let’s dive into in this blog post!

Kids at the wedding or nah?

This debate of should kids be at your wedding doesn’t have a “for sure” yes or no answer, it’s always personal, and it’s always the Couple’s choice to make. If the guest goes against the couple it’s rude, and in our opinion disrespectful.

We love tiny humans, we don’t care what you personally decide to do because as your wedding photographer we are going to document your day exactly how it happens! We are here to ask you the hard questions, we want you to know what to expect on your wedding day!
I am a retired flower girl, and grew up to be your wedding photographer!

Kids at Weddings: Things to think about

Okay break it down in a bullet list, what are the things I need to consider or think about when it comes to having kids at my wedding.. AND GO

  • Sometimes weddings aren’t the place for tiny humans, and that’s okay!
  • Sometimes, the flower girl + ring bearer are too cute and the story wouldn’t be complete if they weren’t there.
  • Sometimes, you two already have tiny humans and it wouldn’t be right to leave them out.
  • Sometimes, you’re eloping and hiking on trails that are not suitable for kids.
  • Sometimes, you want an adult only atmosphere
  • Sometimes…. well you’re starting to get my point

How to decide if you want kids at your wedding:

1: How many people are you inviting / Of those people how many of them have kids

If the answer is a lot of kids >>> Hard to pick and choose and most likely kids will be there
If the answer is barely any kids >>> Put it on the invite “Adults only”

2: If you are okay with Worst case scenarios:
A baby screaming during your ceremony and speeches
Kids running around at the reception
Having a kids zone at the reception / paying for kids food
Crying faces during photos

3: If you are okay with Best case scenarios:
Recreating Photos one day with tiny humans
Kids say the funniest things (and it is super cute)
Priceless family moments + memories

4: If you don’t have children, are you kid people?
Not everyone wants kids, and that’s okay! If you’re not a kid person, there is no shame and saying you aren’t!

5: Is your ceremony Spot / venue kid friendly?
I mean if you’re getting married on the side of a cliff, or in a bar… usually thats a hint hint for adult only
But some places you can easily put a kid corner and it works amazing! Each wedding venue is different!

6: Will people judge me if I say yes or no?

It’s your wedding day, it’s your choice to invite people or not.
It’s your choice to kick people out, it’s your choice to pay for things or to not. Literally you can do whatever you want, there is no right or wrong answer here!

I’m here to tell you, I stand by your choice, whatever that is. Just make it and stick with your choice!

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