Labor redemption: Beautiful C section birth story

While it’s true, I didn’t get the VBAC (vaginal birth after c section) that I originally hoped for.. Jetson’s birth was a complete redemption to how beautiful labor + birth can be after a traumatic experience.

Traumatic first time experience

I have two beautiful babies, and my first one came into this world in a a less than ideal way. I was terrified to ever want to do this experience again because it left a kind of scar that can’t be healed.

If you want to read about Mercer’s birth story, check that post here.
Fair warning to first time parents, it’s not the most positive birth story..

While I am thrilled to have two healthy babies, as well as my self, it goes to show that no two labor stories will ever be the same.

Laboring at Home

I knew from around 18 weeks in that I wanted to try again. My goal was to avoid c section recovery, and to feel more like myself around the house faster.

Also, being able to pick up my 40 pound toddler without fear of ripping open any stitches sounded really nice.

My labor with Jetson started November 1st, around 9 am when my water broke at home. I actually woke up annoyed that morning because the hospital kept calling me to come in for my induction that I canceled weeks prior (but felt like no one was actually listening to me at my midwife appointments sense none of these notes even made it into my chart).

I was so excited that we made it November, and I was going to meet him soon.

Throughout the day on the first I picked up the house, played with my toddler, did the laundry, packed our hospital bags, and just over all made sure my “nest” was tidy for a new baby.

Contractions that didn’t feel real

Jetson’s labor was a complete 360 because I barely felt his contractions. Throughout the day I was texting a couple of my friends and my mom just keeping them updated, making sure I had a time to go drop off my toddler, but barely feeling any pain.

I chalked it up as early labor, and just kept on with my day.

But as the clock kept ticking… 9 am.. 12 pm.. 4 pm.. I noticed I still had consistent contractions but no pain. I applied my Lashify lashes because a girl wants to look good 😜

My husband took my toddler up to my parents house around 6 pm that night and I went to go binge watch 1883 and rest.

Part of my brain is like did I send my toddler to my parents for false labor? I was timing my contractions but only felt a “painful” one 1 or 2 an hour.

Asking for a second opinion

Around 11 that night I called triage to ask them if I should come in to get checked.

My water had been broken since 9 am, but I was really confused with my contractions because of what I thought the “distance” they were apart.

We opted for going in because we did have a few health issues during my pregnancy and I wanted to make sure my baby wasn’t in distress.

My hubby and I were actually laughing and joking walking into triage playing the “worst case scenerio” game from This Is Us like they’re just going to send us home because I’m not in labor and we will go get Mercer from my parents in the morning..

Turns out yes, my water was indeed broken, yes I was in labor, and yes my contractions were actually 2-5 minutes apart I just was not feeling them at all.

We were like oh shit, so this is real.. we’re having a baby… and soon.

When We changed from VBAC to C Section

To me, I hesitate to say it was a “failed VBAC” because this experience was still completely beautiful and peaceful.

While I did have another c section, I felt no pain. I felt no fear.

We got to our room around 1:30 that morning and talked with our nurse and OB for at least an hour before I came to the decision to call my OB back and ask her to switch us to a C section.

Then everything just sped up.

  • 3 am the choice was made
  • 3:30 am Mark was dressed in scrubs
  • 4 am I walked into the OR and jumped on the table on my own
  • 4:15 am I recieved my spinal and man was that trippy to feel your body slowly slip
  • 4:32 am my beautiful boy, Jetson Richard was born

After he was born they let me snuggle him face to face the whole time I was being sewed up.

If I’m being honest the worst part of all of this? I threw up a little bit laying on the table right after my spinal. OH, and the hormone shakes.

It was quick, and then I was wheeled back into my room. Where we just got to snuggle and smile at our brand new baby.

Notable C section tips

It is still a hard way to give birth. It’s a hard decision to change your mind when you had a plan in your head for how you wanted to birth your babies.

Just know it’s okay to grieve the way you wanted things to go. You don’t have to shove it down, you don’t have to apologize. You just have to feel it.

My recovery this time around has been night and day to the first time. I believe it’s because my body was not as exhausted going into this c section, and my cervix had not dilated past a two either.

Good + Bad parts to C section births

The bad parts:

  • The hospital bed in the most uncomfortable thing ever
  • Having a catheter sucks when you hate being forced to sit still (but doesn’t hurt getting it taken out)
  • They still press on your stomach to monitor your uterus post birth and that hurts SO bad no sugar coating that
  • Longer hospital stay because it is a surgery
  • The IV is annoying, and the salt water solution burns for a good 15-20 seconds when they give you medication. But the IV comes out usually pretty fast, I never had it the whole time I was in the hospital
  • It does kind of feel like your body is going to fall out of your incision, but this feeling passes pretty fast.
  • The first time you walk you might need help
  • The pain is real, and just keep up on the meds they give even if you feel good
  • You won’t get any sleep in the hospital because legit someone is always in your room from lactation, to nurses, to random staff

The good parts:

  • Room service — you get so hungry post birth
  • In and out baby delivery, sometimes skipping the laboring part entirely
  • Having Mark able to hold my hand and sit next to me the whole time
  • The feeling of going home, and the hot dad walk when they carry the car seat
  • Baby snuggles
  • You can use it as an extra excuse not to waste time doing chores or heavy lifting (seriously don’t do those things haha!)
  • I have a thing for Arby’s buffalo sauce and man it just slaps after you have a baby, too
  • 2 weeks post birth and I am still pain free, able to pick up my toddler, and continue my busy life

VBAC to C section labor stories

No matter how you choose to bring your babies into this world, just know you’re fully supported when you talk to me. It’s never the same baby to baby, mama to mama.

My boys are my world and I’m so happy I got to have a wonderful second experience.. and if you’re in the that hesitation space, a planned c section is beautiful.

This was so healing for my soul, and knowing my recovery is going much better as well. I’m a happy mama who doesn’t see her attempt at a VBAC as failed, but as the plan that didn’t happen.

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