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Microblading Your Eyebrows | Jamie’s Experience

Hello Human!

Happiest day to you, I hope your week has started out fresh!

Please note anything I say in this blog post that I am not claiming to be a makeup artist or esthetician or anything in between that requires degrees, certifications, and more. This is just my experience! I highly recommend doing your research and asking for portfolio work and proper paper work before trusting anyone for a beauty service.

Eyebrows.. trust me, they make your face! They are a defining line, a little extra to those beautiful brow bones, and they are (in my opinion) worth the investment!

I started out in makeup.. I would shape my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil + dip pomade. I have tried other brands (NYX, Benefit, but always came back to ABH)

Moving on I started wearing lash extensions by the master of her craft, McKenna at Dolled Up Studios.. From that point on I trusted her to care for my brow shape and color.

McKenna Pryor, Owner of Dolled Up Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa

She would tint + wax them about every 2-3 weeks. I gave up my tweezers because I trusted my brows to the pro now and did not want to accidentally over pluck again (HELLO CIRCA 2006)

I waited as patiently as I could for McKenna to become certified in microblading..
Which she did in 2018 and I was one of her first on her list because I knew I wanted a more permanent solution for my brows.

So — here is my brow transformation from completely natural and unwaxed to touched up and perfect.

1- Natural (December)
2- First appointment
3- Healing of brows from days 3 +
4- Healed brows after first appointment
5- Touch up appointment 6 weeks later
6- Healing of brows
7- Final result (February)

Things that I noticed from the appointment to the in between stages:

1- Pain during the appointment is a per person thing
I have a high pain tolerance and can just take it. I have multiple tattoos and love the feeling of the needle to my skin. Yes, I do realize that’s probably weird. She does numb the area, but it’s best to just close your eyes and do your best to relax your face and breathe.

2- They will itch, it’s a scab – do not itch it
The wound as it heals will scab over and it is possible that it will itch, please for the love of your face DO NOT TOUCH THEM AT ALL

3- Wash your hands before applying any sort of anything on your face

4- It hurts to move your face the first day after you get them done.
I mean like making expressions or raising your eyebrows when you talk, it hurts the first few hours after.

5- You will be a little swollen, possibly red, it’ll fade, who cares what people think

6- The scab part goes away in 1-3 days and the color will fade and you wont look like a Mii character forever

7- Do not rush the healing process, just wait

8- I think it feels like a cat scratch, but again I have weird pain tolerances

9- Go to someone that is certified, and has been properly trained

10- It feels damn good to wake up with brow shape every day BUT you will still need to keep up with the waxing because it doesn’t magically make your hair not grow back in the spots it shouldn’t.

11- Yes, I am wearing cat sweaters in my before and after second appointment photos 😉

I had a great experience with McKenna and I think she crushed it! She did microshading / microblading on me! Reach out to her, she does specials for certain things each month!!

Love, Jamie + Mark


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