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New Hampshire Hiking Elopement in Franconia Notch

New Hampshire hiking elopement are completely underrated, especially in the fall! I met with Alix + Josh a few months prior to their day and we clicked instantly from our midwest roots!

Couple’s like them are exactly why I do this.

They wanted an adventure that felt true to them, their relationship, and ONLY with people who fully supported them. They had already been together for 11 years and picked a spot that meant something to the both of them (and their dog!)

Midwest Photographer living the New England dream

One thing I love about my couples is that a lot of them are half midwest / half new New England! While I grew up in Iowa, and I moved to Connecticut in 2016. That is where I met my husband, and now we travel the country with our toddler photographing elopements + weddings for dream couples like you.

There is something about working with couples who have a passion for both parts of the country that we can both relate to.

If you find yourself falling in love for a New England human and you grew up in the midwest — I AM probably the adventure photographer for you!

You can easily debate with me the best gas station food! 😉

New Hampshire Hiking Elopement

Depending on your skill level there are easier trails. If you want to bring a few guests with you like Alix + Josh did, you might even have some of your slower guests start the trail ahead of you that way we can still all meet at the summit at the same time.

Make sure you don’t forget your marriage license and let your people know to bring comfortable shoes for the actual hiking part.

There is no shame in changing once we get to the top because in a way that can be easier so you don’t have to hold up your wedding attire.

Check out some of these dreamy Hikes in New Hampshire

  1. Franconia Notch State Park
  2. 10 Best New Hampshire Hikes
  3. White Mountains

All of these places can get you year round views!

Should I do a Hiking Elopement in New Hampshire?

The short answer – HELL YES! 😉

The long answer – This state is beautiful, and full of possibilities! All of New England you can find a little post card town, a good trail, and mountain views. (Or a waterfall if you’re in New York!)

Depending on the time of year we can go on longer hikes and see certain areas at sunrise. One hike in Franconia takes 8-10 hours but is top rated!

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