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Our Real Wedding To Do + Checklist Advice!

Hello Human!

Happy blog Tuesday!! So, I am sitting here thinking, half the stuff I have done for our wedding I know to do, but they’re such little things that are not normally on the “wedding checklist” articles.

We do our absolute best to spoil our wedding client’s rotten! We know how stressful it can be planning a party, having a vision, and wanting it go a certain way. If you are new to our blog, welcome! We post every Tuesday!

So.. here are some BTS wedding to-do’s that you’ll probably forget about.

1- Brow wax
2- Eyelash extensions / Lift / Tint
3- Hair Color / Cut
4- Leg / Arm / Pits / Bikini Wax
5- Facials

Yes, articles tell you to do these things, but please, please don’t try and schedule them at the last minute! Keep your personal hygeine up your whole engagement!
Also, most techs + salon’s will let you schedule out 6months-1year so you can line all your appointments up and never have to worry about not getting in!
Trust us – schedule all your appointments out till at least the week of the wedding!

Bride + Groom Reminders:

1- Clothing / Shoes:

Articles will tell you make sure to pick up all your items.. but do they tell you to maybe spend a day or two walking around your house to break in those new shoes?

Heels are a pain when you first buy them, don’t be a hero, break them in just by walking in the house so they don’t get dirty. Suits can be stiff, wear your suit, get the shower really hot and stand in the bathroom to “steam” your suit to get the material to “relax” as you’re wearing it.

2- Rings
Clean them + pick out bands
Get creative! You don’t have to buy the most expensive band from the jeweler, look into local shops!

3- Book Vendors as soon as possible, and make sure to put down the deposit + sign contracts otherwise the job is not actually booked!

4- Know the rules of your Venue / Church!
Certain articles will tell you to have your photographer to grab certain images… but they usually don’t mention that churches have strict rules that no one is to step foot on the alter otherwise they are basically shunned from ever doing professional work in that venue again.

5- Use your vendors for guidance
Timeline planning
Photo planning
Ceremony Times

Your vendors do this professionally, and can help you have a smooth day! Use their knowledge, not facebook!

6- Family Shot list reality
When filling out your photographers shot list for family photos
List names, and make sure family members are with who they should be
Sample of ours for immediate family photos:
Bride w/ Mom (Name)
Bride w/ Dad (Name)
Bride w/ Mom + Dad (Name + Name)

This way when we are calling out names, or gathering everyone it goes smooth, we know who to expect, and can quote an accurate time for how many people we have!
This is specially key if we have divorces!

7- Backyard Wedding To-Do’s
Deep clean the house
Cut the grass
Prep for bathroom / rent portable bathrooms
Tidy outdoor spaces
Power wash outdoor spaces
Rent tables / chairs
Tent / Rain plans
Tell your neighbors what is happening when so no awkward dog barking, leaf burning, kid screaming, four wheeler situations happen!

So– what are you thinking, did I forget something that you have on your list?
Let us know!! We are more than happy to help our clients plan their day!

Love, Jamie + Mark


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