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How To Get Glowing Wedding Skin | Pre Wedding Prep

Hello Human!!

Welcome back to our blog! We attempt.. most days we are human, other days I am in a state of mania and can schedule out our weekly blog posts for months at a time.. to post new content every Tuesday for real brides + grooms!

Today I want to help your confidence with your skin! You know your guilty pleasure of getting really close to the mirror, examining your pores, wishing the texture would go away… I see you. I am you.

First things first – Skin care is NOT just for females only!
Men – PLEASE invest just as much time into a healthy routine as society demands that females do.

Secondly… There is no shame in reaching out for help from a licenses esthetician / dermatologist / medical expert!

I reached out to Cassie, owner of Wax and Glow, almost two years to the day to get help with my cystic acne + redness + overall crap texture.

If you want to see my transformation : Click here for that blog post! I will never stop bragging about Cassie. She saved my skin!

So.. here is my advice if you’re seeking help prior to your wedding celebration….

1: Reach out early!
The sooner she *or someone else* can start you the right path for clear skin, the better! When I first started with Cassie, the facials were geared to bring EVERYTHING to the surface. I mean you will break out, and it is to be expected.

2: Don’t do a certain kind of facial right before your Wedding / Event
My acne peels can cause what is known as “frosting” and layers of my skin will peel off and look similar to skin that is peeling after a sun burn. Any great skin care expert should know that and shouldn’t do that before a big event, but don’t forget to communicate with them your skin goals!

3: Follow the routine they give you
Don’t expect magic results if you’re not willing to put in the work they tell you to do!! They can’t clear your skin with a 2-3x a month facial!

4: Do certain kinds of facials before your wedding!!
I LOVE the oxygen dome facial. I can’t tell you the exact science behind it because I am not a skin expert.. but I can tell you the basics…
It pumps fresh Oxygen into your skin, it makes you GLOW.. like legit glow.

Also – moist/hydrated skin, takes well with makeup compared to dry + flaky.

5: Give yourself some slack!!
Acne is real, and there is no shame getting help. There is shame in pointing it out on someone to hurt them.

6: Schedule out your appointments as far as you can to make sure you stay on routine!
I legit have my appointments scheduled for the rest of 2019.. I did that a couple months back because I plan out my schedule 1-2 years in advance with being a wedding photographer!

7: Ask Questions!
Make sure you are communicating what you want, what you are expecting to happen, and if they can answer XYZ about your skin.
That way they can give you real time expectations on your skin, because no two human’s have the same skin / genetics / DNA etc!

8: Make sure they are a licensed + legal business!
I’ve tried the online things… but I’m just saying, go see an actual in person expert with a portfolio and knowledge to back it up.
There are so many experts in different fields of work.. and that’s why I recommend Cassie so much because this is one thing she is passionate about, and REALLY good at!

(Plus yes, she is licensed + legal business.. all that tax collecting jazz!)

Iowa Bride / Iowa Wedding Photographer

So… basically…

I just want to encourage you to not let your acne control your life or how you feel on your wedding day!!

Love, Jamie + Mark


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