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Happy blog day! Welcome to our blog!! We love to post content to help you plan, dream, and laugh along the way of planning your wedding! The blog is posted on Tuesdays, almost every week, just depends on how human and how machine I can be with good content! 😉

Today I want to help you pick your wedding date! You have the person, the ring, the love.. now to plan the day!

Tip 1: Do you want an elopement / small wedding / large wedding?

If you want an elopement it gives you the freedom to choose any day. MONDAY-SUNDAY, the calendar is your picking!

If you want a small wedding, you can typically still do Monday-Sunday, but keep in mind the guests you want with you and if they can get the time off of work (or willingness to put you as a priority to attend your wedding).

If you want a large wedding.. you’re usually stuck with a Friday-Sunday day. It’s more traditional, and expected to be a weekend party. But, we still give you permission to break the traditional rules.

Tip 2: Do you want to keep your anniversary?

Mark and I started dating on June 26, 2016… granted he chased me for a few months and asked me out every single day of May 2016… I finally said yes on a lunch date at Chinese that day in June.

We hate being hot, but wanted to keep our date. Mother nature thought she was hilarious by giving us the hottest day of the year for our wedding, but we didn’t care. We had each other, we wed on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 with 8 witnesses in the garden of Waverly Library!

If you don’t want to keep your anniversary, or time of year matters more than your dating anniversary keep reading….

Tip 3: What time of year is your favorite?

This relates to extreme Iowa weather—
If you want a Spring wedding, we recommend May

If you want a Summer wedding, We recommend June + August. July sometimes you get lucky, but most times July in Iowa is miserably humid.

If you want a Fall wedding, we recommend September.
I know, I didn’t say October. I LOVE October so before I recommend it please note that it is RAINY. We have had two wedding seasons in a row of every Saturday it has rained. Our couples went with it, which is amazing, but I want to throw that out there before you have your heart set on a hallmark romance movie dream.

If you want a Winter wedding, we recommend November / Early December.

We take time off during the holidays to travel to family, so we most likely wont be your vendor if you want a NYE / Christmas wedding… but for the colors, the hope of snow, its all chance! But you can usually count on the temps being around 20-45 degrees!

Tip 4: What does your fiance want?

This may seem like an odd question, but make sure you’re communicating with your person!! They may have a dream in their head too that they haven’t had the chance to talk about!

You’re marriage needs great expectations + communication!

Tip 5: What kind of wedding are you having?

If you’re wanting to hike a mountain top, you have to go at the right time of year because they will close the roads in winter!!

If you’re wanting to go to the beach, keep in mind if they have a hurricane season!

If you’re wanting a 200+ person wedding… find a venue that can accommodate, and sometimes that is close to the majority of your guest list. Otherwise you’ll waste money on a venue for guests that might not come.

Tip 6: Think about who you are as a couple, and what you want your images to look like!

Photography is a big part of your day, and while a professional can make awkward things into beautiful things, they can only work with the tools given to them!

If you want to hang a gallery wall of gorgeous sunset photos, with warm fall tones — but you get married in the spring before everything has bloomed, your expectations will change.

Spring is a great option if you want pastels! Summer is perfect for bold tones, and fall I love muted + earthy!

Tip 7: Pick your date for you two, and no one else!

I know it can be easier said than done, and you might roll your eyes when you have to explain your non-traditional wedding for the 67th time… but hold on to your heart, and do what you two want to do! Whatever that may be, even if it confuses others!

I hope these tips helped shed a bit of light onto choosing a wedding date, I know it can keep tricky navigating calendars when all your friends are getting married, too!

We are here to help our couples in anyway, so call me – beep me – if ya wanna reach me 😉

Love, Jamie + Mark


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