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5 Unique Mountains to Elope In: Snowy vs Greenery

You know you want to elope, but what are the best mountains to elope in?

That is where I can help you! My name is Jamie and my favorite thing is helping my clients elope in the mountains. From the tropical settings of Hawaii to the snowy caps of Colorado, or even somewhere in between with greenery + fall temps.

Alaska Elopement in the mountains

Why + how to elope in the mountains

Why choose the mountains? BECAUSE ADVENTURE GANDALF! 😉

But your a kind of human that loves sweater weather, pour over coffee, and living life with kindness + intention.

You don’t dream of a church in the plains, followed by a packed reception. You dream of spending your wedding day with your partner, maybe close friends, and laughing your way through quality time + great food.

That could be just one reason to choose the mountains.. now how about HOW to choose the mountains?

Most mountain parks will require a permit to wed in.

This ensures they know who is in the parks and maintenance! We may also need a separate photography permit outside of a wedding permit but don’t let this scare you, I am very familiar with the permit process and I actually help you every step in thus area!!

Check out the article here if you want more info straight from the national parks.

Alaska elopement mountains, glacier view

Best Mountains to Elope in: Snowy

1: Colorado

Depending on the time of year Colorado can go from snowy to wild flower greens easily! Plus you don’t have to venture too far from Denver if you’re flying in to get a good spot.

2: Alaska

Alaska could go in the snowy or greenery category, too. We could hop on a helicopter and tour a glacier, or explore ranges that have more of that lush mountain vibe.

3: South Dakota

If you’re into winter sports don’t let South Dakota pass you by!! We could plan a trip to a ski resort, and cheers some beers while working our way down the mountain.

Tropical Mountains for your Elopement

4: Hawaii

From the people, the food, and the “jurassic park” vibes Hawaii has to be on your list of states to check out that have mountain ranges. If you don’t like being cold and want to rope in your honeymoon let’s pack our bags now!

I also have a complete guide for planning your elopement in Hawaii, here!

Greenery Mountain Views

5: New Hampshire

You’re in luck I have a complete guide to eloping in New Hampshire, go read it here!

You don’t want to miss this state in the fall, it’s a post card wet dream.

BONUS 6: Upstate New York

BAGELS + CREAM CHEESE will be required if you elope in upstate New York.

Go check out more of my client’s wedding photos here to get inspiration!

Ready to choose your mountain elopement?

This is my biggest passion, photographing mountain elopements with badass clients. You deserve a photographer who loves and respects nature just as much as you do.

Plus, no two mountains are the same, so your photography coverage shouldn’t be the same as anyone else’s either.

Reach out to me for a custom experience!

My packages and pricing can be found here, with my average photography package being around $8000 with included albums, prints, and permits.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!

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