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Hello Humans!

Happy Blog Tuesday! OOOFTA! I can’t believe it’s June! We recently went to New England to photograph a wedding (HERE – SEE IT HERE!) and of course had all the tiny little adventures that we find ourselves in!

Possibly the biggest adventure yet to come for us, WE ARE ENGAGED! I am actually shouting that as I type it !!

I absolutely adore my man, I mean honestly I can’t believe we found each other over a post-it note and now here we are planning our wedding.


Jamie's Engagement Ring

Jamie’s Engagement Ring

While in Massachusetts we did a couple sessions, hung out with his family, and honestly just took a little mental break from running the business. Owning your own business and having your spouse work for you is hard – I mean really hard – but completely worth it! I wouldn’t have it any other way, I like working my ass off to make our home work and ever since Mark stepped up and started learning how I run things (and photography) we have been crushing our goals.


Jamie + Mark Engagement Announcement

Jamie + Mark Engagement Announcement

Jamie + Mark Engagement Announcement

Jamie + Mark Engagement Announcement


Proposal Story : 

Mark had the ring picked out for a few months now, he asked my input because he wanted to make sure I liked it so honestly it wasn’t a complete surprise because we we’re talking like “oh we should do this at our wedding, in the future..” things like that. Personally, I think couples that are more open and talk about things that effect both of them have a great fighting chance because they both respect and care enough about the other person!

He also stalked my Pinterest page for ideas, I mean I am in love with Rose Gold everything!

When Mark asked me the first thing I said was, “You didn’t ask my dad!” Ah – My bad! I was in shock! But of course I said yes and basically tackled Mark!

We kept it quiet for a bit, making sure we could tell my parents in person and just enjoying being engaged just the two of us before we really started planning a wedding.

He did of course use a post-it note 🙂 I am 100% sure that is our new tradition when it comes to big news… I think it’s cute too (but I am biased)


We found Mark’s ring not too long after, and it’s exactly what he wanted so he’s excited he gets to wear his now too. His skin is sensitive to metals so we went with a platinum band! We’re not very traditional and like to make our own rules about our relationship so he likes to wear his ring too and I think that’s all that matters!


Other adventures we had in New England would be playing a lot of board games, daily trips to Shaws, and maybe a bottle of wine or two with Lori (Mark’s mom)! Shaw’s in a grocery store out east for all my midwest readers!!


Honestly, we’re super excited to take this next adventure and can’t wait to plan our dream wedding. We’re leaning towards an elopement with just our families, but who knows I might throw a curveball in there!


Much Love,

Jamie + Mark



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