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Adventures of Mark + Jamie

Hello Humans! Digging into our personal life today because it’s a valid question to answer today. We have three amazing cats. The twins (Pikachu + Pichu) turn 2 in March, and Raichu just turned 2 last September! They are my babies, and I am #CatMomAF How to pronounce our cats names if you were not […]

Hello Humans!! Happy Blog day.. so guess what – It was finally my turn to say YES TO THE DRESS!  The day went by so quickly that I can’t wait to tell you about it on the blog. We were thrilled that Lori, *Mother in law, Mark’s mom*, was able to fly in for the […]

*Post updated November 2019*Hello Humans! The one question I got asked a lot this year was, How do you afford to travel so much?  I used to be terrified of airports, I had no clue how they worked, and honestly did not know any of the rules to flying… My have things changed because I […]

Hello Humans! Happy blog Tuesday! Today I am writing about our wedding! Our wedding is going to be a small, romantic, backyard ceremony with hints of an old world in the details. We found most of our cups at Goodwill, as well as serving trays for the dessert + bar tables! I’d love to insert […]

Jamie + Mark Engagement Announcement

Hello Humans! Happy Blog Tuesday! OOOFTA! I can’t believe it’s June! We recently went to New England to photograph a wedding (HERE – SEE IT HERE!) and of course had all the tiny little adventures that we find ourselves in! Possibly the biggest adventure yet to come for us, WE ARE ENGAGED! I am actually […]

Jamie + Mark Engagement Announcement

Hello Humans! Happy Blog Tuesday! We are back in Iowa after our trip out East to photograph Vicki + Kyle’s Wedding! It was honestly a super fun weekend spent with old friends and of course Mark’s family! We actually got engaged, too! I’ll be posting our own blog soon, but this one is all about […]

Victoria + Kyle's Wedding at Mohegan Park


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