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Planning Our Wedding | Adventures of Mark + Jamie

Hello Humans!

Happy blog Tuesday! Today I am writing about our wedding!

Our wedding is going to be a small, romantic, backyard ceremony with hints of an old world in the details. We found most of our cups at Goodwill, as well as serving trays for the dessert + bar tables!

I’d love to insert more photos, but no main photos until the big day – so that you’ll have to wait for! But I will sneak a few snap chats in here so you can see some things!!

This photo is extra special to Jamie, after we got the trellis up, the dogs helping of course, Jack (The aussie sitting in the shade) passed away from kidney failure.

He was an amazing friend, and had a great life and I am so glad he got to help with these little wedding things of digging in the dirt to place the trellis!


We plan on doing family style, so the tables will be connected, and the food will be plentiful and ready to be shared amongst our closest family + friends.

The food will be finger foods and basically what Jamie craves on the daily – fried chickens, vegetables, cheeseburger sliders — but the menu isn’t completely finalized!


We are having a small ceremony and only inviting our close family and tight nit friends. We don’t feel guilty about our decision because it’s our day, and we want to do it the way that means the most to us!

Now, we love photographing our client’s weddings and they can be big or small, we personally just want a small wedding!


The decor will be moody colors of maroon, and deep turquoise and little bits of black and candles.
We will not have a bridal party, I have my sister as the Maid of honor while mark has his brothers as his best men.
By not having a bridal party we want our friends that do come to just enjoy the day and not feel like they have to attend to our every need. Also, doing a sweetheart table for just Mark and I at the head of our farm tables.



Our Vendors, OH I am so excited for the Vendor team we have chosen!
Photographer: Amelia Charleen  .
Videographer: Sara + Tayler Carlson .
Venue: Family Estate
Makeup: McKenna at Dolled Up Studios
Hair: Kendra Aarhus
Deserts: Tasha Webb
Alcohol: HyVee + Cedar Ridge Winery
Dress: A & Be Bridal – Least this is where I am shopping first so fingers crossed!
Suit: Indochino
Dj: Ultimate Entertainment


I would love some fresh intake on those vendors ^ I know wonderful people,  just would love to meet more!

Well, that is all you’re going to get for meow! I can’t wait to pull our vision together!!



Jamie + Mark



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