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How To DIY a Wedding Bouquet

Wedding DIY is not a new thing, many couples do it to save money, or to just have fun.

Whether you are going to a national park that doesn’t allow outside florals, or you want to dive into your own creative juices.. Making your own arrangement can be so rewarding.

Ready to learn how to make your own wedding bouqet?

Our blog is full of wedding tips, and REAL weddings featuring our clients! We also tend to share bits and pieces of our personal life, random adventures, and just every day advice!

Today I am going to walk you through how to do some wedding DIY, which is to make your own arrangement + 3 smaller ones, and how I did it for right around $100!

Foam Flowers: Ling’s Moment ($76.48)
Assorted Greenery / Fillers: Michael’s ($35 on sale for Spring)
Arranged by: Jamie Tobin Photography (Free, that’s me)
Perfume: Versace ($30 discounted because I had Ulta points whoot whoot)

Let’s dive right into the wedding DIY steps of floral arrangements.

Step 1: Select a Color Pallet

  • Certain flowers are either in or out
  • Don’t be afraid to go bold!
  • Easily could be all one color, but complimentary colors (1-3 of them) look great together!

Step 2: Do you have a favorite flower?

  • Use your favorite or even a flower that you can’t get real because it isn’t in season!

Step 3: Buy your florals + greenery / filler flowers

  • In this DIY I am using Ling’s Moment foam flowers!
  • The foam flowers come in a box, I love Peonies + Roses, and for my statement flower I used Magnolias
  • Greenery/Fillers: Lamb’s ear, eucalyptus, cactus, fuzzy flower stems, succulents
  • Set all your florals out on the table to visualize and see what you are working with!

Step 4: Use a Vase to help arrange!

  • Using a vase can help you put the arrangement down, step back, and get a look at all angles of your arrangement.
  • Plus, since these are fake flowers you can see what they will look like in a vase to reuse after the wedding!
  • It’s always nice to have an “extra” set of hands, too.

Step 5: Don’t forget wire cutters, black hair tie, floral wire to bound

  • Black hair tie as your extra hands to keep it bound tight!
  • Wire cutters to cut the floral wire, or break apart punches of filler flowers
  • I leave the black hair tie, then wrap the wire around!

Step 6: Feel free to rearrange, they are fake flowers!

  • Don’t get discouraged! Feel free to explore your creativity as you put this together
  • If you’re happy, you can always use super glue to make sure certain pieces stay – I recommend a glue gun!

Step 7: Smelly Good stuff!

  • Spritz with your wedding perfume so you can trigger your mind to think about your wedding day every time you smell them!
  • Don’t over spray, or spray directly, spritz in the air 1-2x – TRUST ME

Step 8: Making smaller / bridesmaid bouquets

  • Stick to the same florals
  • Keep the same florals, with minor adjustments so they all flow in photos, but don’t have to be exactly the same
  • To remember what is what, put specific florals in “MOH” but different in “standard bridesmaid”
  • So I kept magnolia as my statement flower in all, and then a few of my peonies and roses, but left out certain filler flowers that were only unique to my Bride bouquet (like the cactus)

Feel free to explore, and rearrange – it doesn’t have to be permanent!
If you need more tips, let me know, but specially look out for Hobby Lobby / Michaels / Local craft stores they generally do sales on florals around holidays + season changes!

Love, Jamie + Mark


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