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Questions you need to ask your Colorado Elopement Photographer!

Questions come to mind the moment you get engaged.
Do you have a large wedding, Do you elope? SO many Questions.

Whether you have always known that you wanted to elope, or this is a relatively new idea these are some of the best questions to ask your photographer before you hire them! 

Wait what is an elopement…? It is a way to get married that says F the rules, do what you want to celebrate your marriage. Check my blog post all about it here. 

Link to my BLOG POST  talking all about eloping.

couple getting ready for their elopement on top of a mountain in Colorado

Top 5 Questions To Ask when looking for the right Photographer

  1. Do you travel outside of your home state?
  2. Where is your favorite state to get married in?
  3. Are there any special permits we need to get married in X location?
  4. Have you photographed in X location?
  5. Do you photograph weddings with guests, and do you have a limit for how large of a wedding you will photograph?

BONUS Questions that are always good to know

Are you LGBTQIA+ affirming?

This one is extremely important to me, because whenever a couple comes to me I want them to immediately know I will serve them. That they don’t even have to questions whether or not I support their relationship.

I also want EVERY vendor in my book to be affirming so that my couples can know I got their back and best interests at heart.

Reasons these questions are important to ask your photographer

Not every photographer is the same, just like your future spouse, you want to actually like your photographer as a human. 

Some photographers travel only and work all over, while some stick to their home state. 

Plus it’s fun to ask a photographer what their favorite location was in case you either don’t have one in mind yet or get a sense of how they like to work with couples. 

Also I am an elopement AND small wedding photographer only, so I don’t take on large events anymore. My focus is solely on eloping couples to be able to give them my best. When I write a timeline for a couple they can be confident I know what I’m talking about because of the experience I have. 

Permits are an important part to being able to photograph in National Parks! Make sure your photographer is educated in Leave No Trace practices and goes about their business ethically. While I know this can sound like gatekeeping but I promise it’s not!! My goal as a photographer is to protect the lands I love. These parks are in a way my studio and I will do what I can to educate clients so that these parks remain beautiful for everyone to enjoy. 

Blog link to Permits 

Couple in wedding attire walking through national park on elopement ceremony day
Couple in wedding attire running through mountain grasses during wedding ceremony

Leave No Trace

What is Leave No Trace…? Did I do something wrong by not knowing? 

Absolutely not!

Leave No Trace is guidelines to protect wildlife and nature. It’s about helping landscapes flourish, animals safe, and respecting these lands so they can stand the test of time.

Want to learn how to become a Leave No Trace photographer?
Check out this course put on by Maddie Mae link here. 

Want to learn more about Leave No Trace just as a human that shares this Earth?
Great, here is Leave No Trace ‘s full site.

Couple in Colorado in wedding attire posing on top of a mountain

Ready to ask me more questions? 

Get in touch today for your wedding photography, I photograph elopements, small weddings, and help educate photographers!



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