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Reasons to skip it all and Elope Instead

“Elopement” definition: BADASS WAY TO GET MARRIED!

Okay, but really, an elopement is still a wedding, just different than a traditionally large, full of people type.

An elopement is anywhere from the couple to say ~20 people (where it could fall into what is known as just a small, “intimate wedding”) where the couple is able to fill their day doing things they love, or try out new things without having a deadline or a ton of people to please.

Eloping has evolved over the years, and especially since 2020…
But it isn’t new, and it isn’t just a trend — it is here to stay for those humans who know this is who they are!

Couple posing at base of mountain

Why would someone want to elope vs large wedding?

That list is ever evolving, but here are a few good reasons!

Reasons to Elope instead:

1: You can do what YOU want to do, whether you want to do certain “traditions” (i.e a first look) or if you want to do everything on your terms (like getting ready together)

2: You can make it a multi day hiking adventure + mountain honeymoon!

3: You can still invite your parents + best friends + fur babies (your fur baby could even sign your marriage license in some places!)

4: Have a dream vendor in mind? Most of us travel, I catch flights for feels!

5: The ability to have a crazy awesome meal because you don’t have to pay for 300+ guests to eat too

6: Start your marriage off with a trip of a lifetime, let’s skip a few state lines, or even country borders

7: You’re not a big center of attention type, and the idea of standing in front of a crowd declaring your love for your spouse is terrifying to you.

8: Non-Religious / Spiritual and not into the whole “feeling like property” that some traditions / religions can bestow

9: No tight to the second schedule with people hounding you to stand, sit, talk, walk all day

10: No stress of matching dresses with wedding party, or drama of having to find replacements for people that don’t show up, hounding people to get outfits fitted or feeling guilty for asking members of wedding party to buy their own attire

Couple in wedding attire getting married at the top of a mountain

What are your personal reasons for eloping?

I personally eloped myself, I knew I didn’t want a typical midwest church thing — not our thing at all (which is perfectly okay to admit to yourself + the world).

Also the food aspect, I wanted chicken wings + pizza.

Whether you want to elope or you know you’re a die hard big wedding fan, I am here to help you.


Yes, I am pro elopement, it is the only type of wedding work I take on (with guests up to 50 for intimate weddings) but I am not anti-big wedding. I know eloping isn’t for everyone, just like I am not the photographer for everyone.

Big weddings will always have a place, but I am here yelling as loud as I can to reach the humans that do not want one! I am for you! I GOTCHU!

You should also check out more images from this Colorado shoot here >>> CLICK ME FOR MOUNTAIN BRIDE VIBE!

Ready to skip it all and elope? I would love to talk to you more, meet you + your spouse!
I’m a big IPA lover, but also coffee is my biggest hobby.

Head over to my contact form and we can meet up online or in person.

Much love + cat pets,

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