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Stunning Colorado Mountain views in this Vow Renewal

Hey! What do you get with mountains and a gorgeous bridal gown?!
The answer is PERFECTION of course!

One thing I absolutely love doing is photographing elopements and couples in nature.
No props needed when you have the Colorado Mountains.

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Colorado is begging you to Elope there!

Colorado is one of my favorite states to elope in!

There are endless options throughout the year, and it’s so easy to get on trails.

Some trails are harder than others, but some views are seriously worth every step to the top.

Things to consider if you want to elope in Colorado

1: Leave No Trace

2: Permits

3: Time of year (Weather)

Leave No Trace is a set of 7 principles to help protect our national parks, and keep them better than when you found it. It is not a gatekeeping tactic, and is really amazing at educating humans + photographers who LOVE national parks.

Permits are needed in almost every Colorado Park due to popular demand. It helps ensure Park Rangers are there to help you, and that the park wont be overrun, or torn apart. Again hinting back at Leave No Trace ethics.

The time of year you go will have a huge impact on your photos. Certain roads are closed due to weather in the winter months, and other times can be a risk for wild fires. Don’t worry, I can help navigate you there.

These hikes were done in August! So it was around 75 degrees at the base, and 55-60 at the top! Perfect weather if you ask me.

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Check out these images from a vow renewal we did in the Colorado Mountains!


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