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Hello Humans!! Welcome back to the blog, if you’re new here – stay a while! Let me help you plan your intimate wedding / elopement! Today’s post is all about Kristi + Andy’s Oregon Coast elopement in August of 2020. They tied the knot on a Wednesday, and couldn’t have asked for better weather (65-75 […]

Oregon Coast Elopement // Short Sand Beach, Oregon

October 12, 2020

Hello Human!! I know, I have all the tea for your wedding + elopement needs and I am about to spill it all over myself because my cats will not get off my lap AH! Want to know our favorite Venues + Vendors in Iowa? You have come to the right place… These are in […]

Iowa Wedding Venues + Vendors We LOVE | Jamie Tobin Photography

January 7, 2020

Hello Human! IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE! IT’S THE ROARING 20’S AGAIN come morning! Welcome to our last blog post of 2019… holy quads.. I just typed that. Our year consisted of beautiful love stories, some rad high school seniors, and announcing our workshop, The RAW Workshop that we will be putting on with our friends […]

Our 2019 Year Rewind! | Cheers to a new 365 days in 2020!

December 31, 2019

Hello Human!! Welcome back to our blog! We attempt.. most days we are human, other days I am in a state of mania and can schedule out our weekly blog posts for months at a time.. to post new content every Tuesday for real brides + grooms! Today I want to help your confidence with […]

Skin Advice for Brides + Grooms | Pre Wedding Prep

Iowa Bride / Iowa Wedding Photographer

December 3, 2019

Hello Human! How is it hanging today? I adjusted my camera strap so the bruises hit a little higher meow 😉 Welcome to JTP’s blog, we post new content every Tuesday! We are wedding photographers, cat parents, and overall just weird humans. Today.. I want to talk to vendors. We recently announced our new venture.. […]

Vendors, get off your phone.. |The RAW Workshop

November 19, 2019

Hello human – welcome to our blog! My name is Jamie, I’m the main author of this space, and I try really hard to give our clients the content they need to have amazing wedding days! So.. we recently got married, and had 3 wedding celebrations! We splurged on a few things and saved on […]

Secrets to having a “Small Budget Wedding” | Jamie Tobin Photography

October 29, 2019

Hello Humans! How’s your day going?! Welcome to JTP’s blog, we post new content -almost- every Tuesday! We’re going to give you our top 5 tips for picking a photoshoot worthy outfit! The do’s and don’ts! Tip 1: Simplicity Don’t mix too many patterns! They will get distracting, and sometimes cause something called “moire” on […]

5 Tips on picking photoshoot worthy outfits!

One female, one male in full denim outfits posing on the ground

October 15, 2019

Hello human! Happy blog day! Welcome to our blog!! We love to post content to help you plan, dream, and laugh along the way of planning your wedding! The blog is posted on Tuesdays, almost every week, just depends on how human and how machine I can be with good content! 😉 Today I want […]

Tips on How to Pick your Wedding date

September 17, 2019

Hello human! Happy blog day! If you’re new around here we post new blogs EVERY Tuesday! Our blog is full of Real weddings + advice for planning your dream wedding! Today’s post is all about Alicia + Ryan’s wedding day!! They wed on Sunday, July 21, 2019 and didn’t care one bit about the heat! […]

Alicia + Ryan |Their Rose Garden Sunday Wedding

August 6, 2019

Hello Human! Let me tell you all about how we got married at “the courthouse” and why we choose to do it this way! Chelsea Dawn Weddings photographed our courthouse day — check her blog for more sneak peeks, can’t wait to see them all and share!! We wanted to keep our anniversary, that is […]

June 26, 2019 | Our “Courthouse” / Secret Garden Wedding day

July 16, 2019