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When is the Best Time to Elope in Colorado?

Wondering when is the best time to elope in Colorado? Well, then this blog is right up your alley! As an elopement photographer who has been to Colorado quite a few times, I’ll be talking all about what to expect during the different seasons, how to plan your wedding vs elopement, and so much more. 

Just because you live in Iowa or “insert any state here”, does NOT mean you have to have your wedding there. You can elope or have a small wedding in any state. I currently live in Iowa but my husband and I had a multi-day wedding and ran away to the mountains just the two of us on one of our days. 

Colorado is like a second home to me. The mountains are the best backdrop to wedding photos! Plus Colorado is beautiful year-round whether you want to be in the mountains or in the plains. 

When it comes to having a wedding in Colorado you have to decide what you really crave. Host a wedding with guests or a vow renewal with just you + your partner. Onto the first question…

Where are you eloping in Colorado?

The question of “When is the best time to elope in Colorado?” actually needs to be asked after “Where are you eloping in Colorado?” For example, If you are wanting the lush greens and wildflowers of Rocky Mountain National Park in your wedding photos, you should look into eloping during the months of July or August. On the contrary, if you’re eloping at one of Colorado’s many ski resorts, then October through May would be your best bet. 

Another thing to consider is the altitude of your elopement location. The higher up you are, the cooler it will be! So that means if you’re gettin’ hitched high up in the mountains, you could get away with a summer elopement and not have to worry about dying from the heat. 

What is the best month to get married in Colorado?

If you’re getting married in Colorado at a venue with guests, that will change the parameters in which you decide when to have your wedding. Depending on where the venue is, there may be road closures during the winter that restrict access to the property. But if your venue is pretty accessible, then it may be worth considering getting married in the winter, which happens to be the off-season for weddings. Most venues have open availability during the winter months and therefore will offer off-season discounts to attract more couples. Sounds like a win for your budget! 

Let’s say you want to have an outdoor wedding in the summer with 100 guests. That might not be the best idea, because although the skies are clear and the birds are chirping, your guests might not be too happy! If you want to get married during the warm (borderline hot) summer months, opt for an indoor/outdoor venue. If your heart is set on having it completely indoors, then get married in the spring or fall! Your guests will thank you for it. 

What are the best months to elope in Colorado?

Now, if you’re eloping with just your partner or even a couple of guests, that changes things! Elopements are usually much quicker, and you won’t have to stand outside for hours on end. Summer is a beautiful time to elope in Colorado, especially if your elopement location is high-altitude. Which, of course, would be the perfect opportunity for a hiking elopement!

Colorado Weather: Broken down by season


Mid-April to Early-June

Spring in Colorado isn’t so bad. The wildflowers are starting to bloom and the landscapes are turning green again. There are plenty of warm and sunny days, with the occasional rainy day here and there. The weather can be somewhat unpredictable up until late May – March and April is when you’ll likely get some spring snow! The average temperatures range from 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit on most days, which is actually great hiking weather (can you tell how much I love hiking elopements?). 


Mid-June to Early September

My personal favorite season! You’ll have your pick of all the epic Colorado elopement locations since all the snow is melted by now and there are no road closures. The mountains never get above around 80 degrees, the chalet doesn’t get higher than the 50s, while lower elevations can get up to the 90s. The days are looooong and sunny, so you can take full advantage of your elopement day and fill it with lots of fun activities!


Mid-September to Mid-November

Warm-toned fall foliage, snow caps making their debut, and cool, crisp air. Autumn in Colorado is pretty freakin nice! Between the last 2 weeks of September and the first 2 weeks of October is when you’ll see the most rad fall colors. Especially if you elope in Aspen, Colorado, this is when the leaves turn yellow and gold. There might be a few surprise rainy days here and there, but we’ll make the most of it no matter what *insert emoji hahaha*


Mid-November to Early-April

If you’re a winter sports person, then Colorado probably fits with your lifestyle due to the extended winter in the mountains. The mountains get the most snow from January through March, and sometimes even April can get pretty intense. Even if you don’t love to ski or snowboard, winter is still a beautiful time to elope in Colorado! As long as you’ve got gloves, hats, and boots, we’ll be good to go. 

How far in advance should I plan my elopement?

For super popular Colorado elopement locations (like Rocky Mountain National Park), you’ll need to start planning far in advance and obtain permits. We’re talking, like, about a year ahead. I know that eloping can be more of a spontaneous decision, so there are plenty of other locations that are just as beautiful and don’t need that much planning ahead. Don’t worry, I’ll find the perfect spot for your Colorado elopement no matter how much time we have. 

While you’re here, check out my blog post on how to apply for permits for your wedding day!

What time of day is best to elope in Colorado? 

If we anticipate large crowds at your Colorado elopement location, then eloping at sunrise or sunset will ensure the most privacy. If you’re planning a hiking elopement, then usually planning on doing the bulk of the strenuous activity earlier in the day is best! Alternatively, if you’re getting married at a venue, then the time of day will be more dependent on what other events your timeline consists of. 

Do you want to have a slow morning with your partner and just hang out the morning of? Or would you rather have your ceremony early so you can do fun activities for the rest of the day?? The vision we come up with for your elopement experience will also determine what time of day would be best. 

Looking at a Mountain Venue for a small wedding? 

I have this venue on my bucket list and I’m dying to go! If you want Mountain View’s but the ease of a venue then let’s get in touch right now. 

This venue has 360 views, a beautiful deck, and room inside for all your family and friends.

One drawback is you have to use it during certain months due to Colorado Winters, but still worth it to get on their books.

Seriously, how amazing would your small wedding be here?!

Link to North Star Gatherings Wedding Venue

When is the Best Time to Elope in Colorado?
Image from North Star Gathering’s Website!

Ready to Elope in Colorado?

I have experience in getting the right permits for locations or finding hidden gems that don’t need a permit. Colorado is an amazing state to get married in, so get in touch and we will get the ball rolling. 

Jamie is a photographer based in Iowa that travels all across the United States. Her passion is helping her couples plan out their dream wedding day to make it as easy and seamless as possible. Whether you want a wedding with 100 guests or an elopement with just your partner, she can help you get there.

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