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Why do weird couples elope?

If you’re a wedding guest, curious human, or even married long time and wondering why a couple chose to elope over host a traditional large wedding, then this post is for you.

Why would anyone Elope VS a traditional Wedding? Well, there are multiple factors to consider here!

Let’s dive right in.

Some Reasons that Couples Elope:

1: It represents them as a couple, and who they are as individuals who crave experiences and time well spent together

2: Cost of a traditionally large wedding can range from $25-45k

3: They want to have an adventure, or honeymoon from the moment they sign their marriage license

4: The idea of being in front of a ton of people, declaring their love just weirds them out

5: The epic views that they crave in their wedding photos

6: Give them an excuse to try something new / somewhere new

7: They don’t want a wedding party, or stress of planning or people pleasing

8: They don’t want to follow traditions / religions

9: They want to keep it small, and intimate so they can talk to everyone involved and connect with each human

10: They aren’t close with their families, and don’t feel connected to large wedding traditions that others do

Some reasons that couples elope are private, too. It truly is up to the couple to decide which route they want to go, and they are BADASS for choosing the hold their ground.

You may be searching google trying to find a way to be supportive because this idea of a small wedding or elopement is new to you… I want you to know it’s okay to be confused at first.

BUT, Please don’t turn your back on the couple

When a couple chooses to elope they are saying, “hey, I love this human, I want to spend the rest of my life with this one.”

Wait? That’s what happens at a “regular large wedding” too?

YES. Because elopements + small weddings are still REAL weddings.

When a couple you know is eloping, ask them what excites them about planning or what made them pick the location?

Get excited with them, be their hype humans!

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