Richard + Bobbi | Winter Wedding in Iowa

Hello Humans + Happy Friday!


Almost exactly two weeks ago we photographed Richard + Bobbi’s wedding! They were the kickoff to our 2018 wedding season and it was a day full of laughs, jokes, and a couple hundred happy tears!




We arrived early so we could scope out the hotel, and meet the hotel coordinator and we also got to meet some of Bobbi’s sisters! They were a riot, and had us giggling before Bobbi even arrived from her hair appointment!

Bobbi’s sister actually made all the bridal flowers! And we must say – they turned out perfect and was exactly what we had imagined for Bobbi to hold!


We poked around, and prepared for Bobbi’s first look with her dad. I am a sucker for my Military couples, and her dad was no exception!


Richard was also anxiously waiting on standby downstairs (hiding a surprise for Bobbi) with Mark!


We decided on an indoor photoshoot to make sure to keep the dress, and uniform clean before the ceremony! The hotel had the perfect little entry way for bridal portraits!


Richard + Bobbi didn’t stop the cold or anything from having the best wedding day, and I think that’s what made it so special. Their smiles filled the whole day, and couldn’t keep Jamie from laughing during the snow photo on the balcony! We wish them nothing but the absolute best and were so grateful that they chose us to photograph their big day!! Much Love!

Jamie + Mark

7 tips on How to rock your Boudoir Session!

Hello humans!

So, I recently did a boudoir session with one of my good friends (and professional photographer) Nicole Harnois Photography (Check her out here! )

Her gorgeous studio is downtown, big windows, white walls.. it’s basically the perfect setting! I’ve down boudoir sessions in the past and always had fun.. I mean who doesn’t like a little extra pampering? BUT I know some women get really anxious preparing for a session like this, so I thought I would help!

All photos of me photographed by Nicole Harnois!


1: C O N F I D E N C E

Confidence is key! Honestly, it’s key in almost every situation that life can throw you. People can pick up on when you’re not sure of yourself, and I’m not saying I am always sure of myself, but hold your head up high gorgeous – you deserve this! When you walk into a room even if your scared shitless, hold your head up and repeat the words: I am Ashley Graham. Least, she’s my spirit human.

What’s wrong with being confident? – Demi 


2: Outfits true to you

I know you’re thinking you have to have sexy little pieces to rock a boudoir, and honestly you don’t. I’ve done both a “sexy” session and a “cute + cozy” session. (This one being my cute + cozy)

Let me tell you, I honestly loved this session (cute+cozy) because I was true to myself. I live for oversized sweaters, my man’s clothes, and all the soft fabrics. That’s just who I am as a human. Now, I can have a wild side and that’s where I can throw in some scandalous pieces of clothing but photographer’s can tell when you’re wearing something completely outside of your comfort zone because it reads across your face and will read across your photos. So again, this session is about you, whether you’re gifting it to your other half or not, IT’S ABOUT YOU.  If you think this is what they will like over what you really are, you might be setting yourself up for insecurities. But I’m just saying might and from my experience what I have seen.

Also years down the road when you’re looking back at your ass thinking, damn I was hot as fuck… outfits true to you, tend to look more timeless and show less of the “age + time” you took those photos.

BUT disclaimer, if you’re going for that 1940-50’s pin up girl – fucking rock that. Rock it when confidence.



3: Communication

Photographer’s want to know what you’re thinking, we have visions but we know that shoots don’t just happen without communication.  (Like most things in life, you need to talk!)

If you’re just meeting the photographer, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask if you can grab a cup of coffee and just talk about the session and what to expect. Just by voicing your nerves and talking about it, I swear it will take a load off of your shoulders. Photographers (least my friends and I) Don’t bite, and want to make sure your comfortable, confident, and having fun. If you’re bottled up with nerves and anxious emotions it is harder for us to relax you moments before rather than say a few weeks before. The more you know, the better you’ll feel.

Now disclaimer, we do have busy schedules and can’t meet up every day, but a good coffee moment a week or so before your session can really help and finalize ideas!


4: Expectations of you + your body + your photographer

Rock those curves
Rock that tall frame
Rock your hair, lashes, nails
GIRL – just rock your body.

As a photographer, I strive to pose my clients in the most flattering of ways, and we would never purposely try to put you in an unflattering angle but just know some humans can do certain poses better than others. There is nothing wrong with not being able to do something, or do it better than someone else. I want expectations to be as clear as day, what my job is, client’s job is, everyone’s job is! Haha!

But just know, women have rolls when we sit. It’s natural.
We have stretch marks, we have cellulite, these are not dirty words. These are parts of us as women, as humans. Now as photographer’s we try to pose and light clients a certain way so that your beautiful face and features shine, and we try to reflect you exactly as you are and how beautiful you really are!

We can photoshop certain flaws, but me personally, will not photoshop a client into someone they are not. If you have fears or insecure about certain body parts just communicate that with your photographer and we will work with it and make sure not to flaunt certain parts!



5: Makeup + hair

If your photographer is not including hair or makeup in your session, give yourself permission to go get it done! Because getting dolled up and fussed over is fun.. least in my opinion 🙂

Get a few ideas for a pretty braid, curls, or wear extensions! Have fun!
Go all out with a sexy smokey eye, or dark lip!
If you’re not one for a lot of makeup or hair go a little lighter, you don’t have to go too dark, or too little – basically be true to yourself, and let loose!


6:  Let your photographer have artistic control

I know… I KNOW. I said the word control. LET IT GOOO.. okay no Frozen references.

But photographer’s feed off your energy (That sounds creepy out of context) yet it’s true! We may have an idea in our heads before the session but client’s may do one thing and then BOOM light bulb and a whole new idea comes into play!

So bring your ideas, but also work with the photographer if they have a lightbulb moment in the middle of your session, 90% of the time, it’s badass and you’ll want a large print of it.



7: Have fun!

Even if you’re a nervous wreck, this is suppose to be fun. IT IS FUN. By the end of the session we as photographer’s want you to feel beautiful, Queen bee, and sassy AF. Haha, no but really.. plan a date for afterwards since you’re dolled up and tell your human it was a modeling session 🙂

Go out with your girls and grab a martini because you deserve one!

Bring the vodka to your session… hehe well maybe ask the photographer first 😉



I hope these 7 tips help, honestly I’m sure I missed a few other pointers but I just want to help my fellow ladies have a wicked amazing Boudoir session!

Again, these photos of me were from my Boudoir session with Nicole Harnois Photography in Cedar Falls, IA!

Much love,


Maria + Nate | Iowa wedding, New York timeless love

We walked in to the office like any normal work day and opened an email from Maria. She was polite and told us how much she loved our work throughout our website and that her and Nate were looking for their wedding photographer.

Now she also mentioned that they both currently resided in New York and they Nate is originally from Iowa.  (Which holla, all the midwest people going out into the world making it a better place!)

Jamie scheduled the online meeting with them and we couldn’t wait to hear about their Winter Wedding plans!


Fast forward – It’s December, it’s about 30ish degrees, no wind, and a little bit of snow fall! It’s wedding day for Maria + Nate.



Maria chose to get her hair done at Mona’s Hair Salon in Decorah (Which she did an amazing job + has this cute little in-home salon!) The pup wanted in on some of the action, too. If I remember right, her name was Luna.. eek don’t quote me on that one!



We met up with Maria’s mom over at the hotel, and it was one of my favorite moments from the day (and weddings in general) The emotional response and overwhelming love that just poured out was contagious. Not to mention that smirk her dad gave when we got to the bottom of the landing.




We started with a few portraits of Maria while waiting for Nate at the church, and wanted to capture that pure joy that you can see in Maria’s eyes.




The moment Nate walked in the church it was as if they were the only two in the room. Everything melted from sight as they embraced for the first time that morning, taking in their wedding day.



The ceremony was in this quaint little church on the hill, and there was not an empty seat in sight! The church attendant pulled us aside and said a wedding hasn’t been this full in years, she said with the proudest smile. Everyone was there for Maria + Nate’s love story to be told and this moment to be written.


Every word, every smile, a little giggles and tears of joy filled the room. Yes, even a little mischief in the back row.


Maria + Nate snuck away with us to grab portraits throughout the day, we were never gone from the celebrations longer than 15 minutes at a time. We wanted to be as involved in their day with their loved ones as possible. Every moment we had alone with them they were completely in love, with minor direction they just took it to the next level -because only true love and emotion can do that.


We loved the traditions that were upheld, and the love that was shared. Not only from Maria + Nate but their family and friends! Grandma gave a wonderful speech, and made sure everyone felt like family.


There were hugs that make us hold our breath because of how much meaning they held.

There was delicious food, and unique cakes – and don’t forget that adorable cake topper and the music! Ah! Wonderful live music!




We are so overjoyed to be able to share in Maria + Nate’s day and wish them all the love and happiness in their years together.


Love, jamie + mark


Jamie + Mark are wedding photographers that travel all around the United States. They are usually found in Iowa with their 3 cats, snake, and gecko. 
They love capturing wedding days because every love story deserves to be told. 

How Jamie + Mark Met | Get to know us!

Hello, Humans!

How Jamie + Mark met!

You might want to grab some popcorn, because you’ll think our story is made up but I promise you it is not!

Mark started working at Simply Mac September 2015

Jamie started working at Simply Mac January 2016

Both of us hold the same job title of Assistant Manager of our stores, Jamie’s was in Waterford, CT and Mark’s was in Mansfeild, MA. (About 100 miles apart)

So, we worked for an Apple retailer and one day a customer came into Mark’s store and wanted to purchase a MacBook Pro.. now you know that plastic wrap the comes on the boxes? Well it was ripped on the top, not opened, just ripped because that plastic is so thin and so easy to rip it happened while in shipping to Mark’s store..

But.. the customer was pissed because he wanted something completely “new” and “unopened” .. which the device was, but again had ripped plastic just on one side that was barely even a few inches long of a rip.

Mark calls my store for a transfer of the same computer with intact plastic wrap and my service tech, Sonia, answers the phone and later tells me the story of how the customer was mad and if I could transfer the device.

I was like well that sucks, humans can be really mean sometimes.. so I put the MacBook in a box and stuck a sticky note to the computer that said, “Incase no one told you, You are enough, You do enough, Have a good day, <3 Jamie”

I have never met Mark or even knew what he looked like or sounded liked or even how old he was, I just wanted to cheer him up.

(I had sent sticky notes with my orders before that just said have a good day! But I had this urge to send more to Mark that day)

The MacBook arrived at Mark’s store a couple days later and his Store manager at the time (Jim, late 40’s married) open the box and passed the Sticky note to Mark like, uhh I think this was intended for you! (hah! how funny that Jim got the note first)

We had a group chat (App called Slack) for our stores + a few others that were in our distract and Mark took a photo of the sticky note and send me direct message  on the app like hey, thank you this made my whole day!

I smiled and said you’re welcome! Glad I could help and went on with my business.

Well, a few days later I received a product transfer from Mark’s store physically but not actually in our computer system so ended up messaging him like hey, not sure what is going on with this can you help..

We reached out to our other mangers above us to help but lets just say it was at the bottom of their to-do list to fix the issue but in the mean time Mark and I were chatting back and forth and just talking, like hey hows your day small talk and getting to know each other.

We ended up adding each other on FaceBook and messaging there.. till 4 am.. almost every night that week… and immediately when we woke up the next day..

I was the first to give Mark my actual Phone number.. I was so nervous.

Another day of talking goes by and it is a Sunday and I am laying in my bed and Mark had said the words, would you like to go out for Dinner sometime?

I ran around my house and called my service tech, Sonia, who always poked me for being stubborn and refusing to open up to boys, asking WHAT THE HELL DO I DO? She laughs and says JUST SAY YES ALREADY.

So Mark drives down to me, 110 miles from his house to take me out to dinner..

He let me pick, so my favorite place out there was a bar + grill and we got beers + tator tots.

We then walked around downtown New London, CT and I really didn’t want the date to end because I had never met someone like Mark before. Someone who just understood my weird self.

We drove back to my apartment and hung out a little more, and then Mark went home that night.

He drove down at least 2 times every week to see me and take me out, I finally went to his house and met one of his brothers + his dad. (His mom + other brother was in Maine for the Summer)

Mark asked me out almost every day to be his official girlfriend for about a month.. then July was coming and I was heading to Iowa for a couple weeks and he was heading to Florida for a vacation.. we went out to lunch before we both left and I just kind of looked at him and blurted, “so will you be my boyfriend?”

He looked at me like.. yes.. but seriously? I ASKED YOU OUT FOR DAYS.

haha – insert all the giggles.. I guess that’s just me, stubborn as always.


Well that day we made it official was June 26, 2016. I haven’t looked back since, because.. well.. Mark is the perfect fit for me.

Love, Jamie + Mark

Check out our actual post it note that now hangs in our bedroom!

I took a year off from my life | Get to know Jamie

Hello, humans!

This blog has been burning a huge hole in my drafts for a long time and I think it is about time I hit publish!

I took a year off from my life.

Yep. I took a whole year off from my normal, daily, what I did every single day life.

I was born and raised midwest, Iowa girl and I loved it. I truly believe Iowa is one of the best states to grow up and raise a family in, but I was itching to get out because of this nagging feeling in the back of my brain.

I couldn’t tell you why.. I was happy, but I guess I was just content with the motions.. I almost lost that lovin’ feeling of wanting to do my life.

No, I don’t mean I was depressed I just mean I was just on auto pilot and needed to figure out something fast to reinvent myself and rekindle that fire in my soul.

So this is what I did..

I took a year off from my life, packed up my Ford Escape with what it could hold and I left Iowa in the middle of an ice / blizzard at the end of December 2015.

January 1st 2016 I was in Newport, Rhode Island just staring at the ocean with a mimosa in hand like I did it. I left Iowa. I have no job, I have no where to live, and I have no plan.. but I did it.

I got a job a few weeks later at a store called Simply Mac in Waterford, CT.

I quickly went from sales rep to Assistant Manager and at first I really really liked that job. I liked escaping my life for the time being.  

I loved photography, I have always loved photography but I was barely 22 at the time and felt like I would really regret only being a boss ass bitch in business at such a young age and not getting out and doing stupid 22 year old things.

Such as going to bars, talking to random strangers, and dancing like an idiot in the middle of no where at all the wrong times.

I wanted to travel – so I did. I visited all of New England and really fell in love with Massachusetts + Maine. The smell of the ocean + a good blunt (calm your horses, weed is legal in Maine + Mass and it’s only a matter of time till the rest of the states follow suit).

Yes, I guess Mark was a big influence on how much I loved coming to Mass + Maine. The trees, the smells, the crispy leaves… AH. I miss being able to jump state lines so easily but I am so happy for the time we had out there.


I loved my clients, I loved Iowa, I loved my job.. but I needed that break to really come back at it full force. 

Which JTP has totally revamped, and is on fire for 2017 + 2018.

We are head first into our wedding couples + seniors and I have never felt more in love with my job. I have never felt more blessed to really call this my passion and what I always wanted to do, but more cemented into what I am made to do.

I came back not only reinvented with a brand new look on life, I also met the best man who wants to do this with me. Mark is kind of amazing in every way for me.. I wasn’t looking for him, but it happened and I can’t imagine my life if I wouldn’t have taken a leap of faith to just up and go to New England.

*Read the blog post on how Mark + I met here*


I just wanted to say if you are not feeling something and need a change.. TAKE THE LEAP. DO IT.

Don’t hold back, don’t say the words “I don’t have time/money/exc”

I left Iowa with a car full of clothes and decided if I want to make a change in my life it starts with me doing it right now. I joked with people that my plan was, “To figure out a plan when I got to my planned destination” I thought I wanted NYC, but turns out I am not Carrie and this is not Sex and the City.

Boston has so much history but I like my alone time.

Connecticut is amazing in the fall, so many hills and colors.

Maine smells amazing, like Maple 🙂

New Hampshire is a great place to shop – no sales tax on clothes!

Rhode island has some amazing Bars!

I just want to encourage you to live your life and do the thing that scares you most..

I did it when I really needed it, and its funny how everything happens for a reason and I have no clue what the bigger picture is but if you would have told me this would be my life 2 years ago I would have said you’re lying.. but I’m not.


Love, Jamie




Cedar Ridge Winery Wedding | Adam + Lauren’s Wedding

Hello, Humans!

What can I say about this gorgeous day, September 2, 2017.
It was nothing short of wicked amazing.

I met Lauren first, when I was barely 16, working as a host at Applebees in Waverly. I mean it was your typical first job working in a restaurant!

Then, I transfered stores and met Adam, at Waterloo Applebees. We’re all applebuddies in the end, and we have the best stories from working that job.

I wasn’t the reason these two met though, how crazy would that be! They met through another mutual friend and well now we are a here a few weeks post wedding!

Their venue was Cedar Ridge Winery in Swisher, IA and it was also my first time there! (Talk about nerve racking for being a wedding photographer and never seeing a venue before the big day) BUT First impressions – WOW. They are amazing, the venue is gorgeous, romantic, and very professional.

Their event coordinator, Ashton, was the sweetest and nicest I think I have come across in the industry. She helped the couple + us and told us where everything was on the property and was readily and willing able to help us!

The staff, amazing!

The decorations + the space – mix of modern but hints of traditional romance

Ceremony Space is intimate but not clustered, perfect little spot for all eyes on the couple.

The couple — PERFECT. Like how are you guys just that adorable!

Only downside… I didn’t get to pet Ruby, but Mark did… (Their puppy)

So, I wish you guys all the love and happiness.. now let me show you some images from their day!

Edit: I will fill in other vendor’s once I verify them!
Venue: Cedar Ridge Winery
Photographer: Jamie + Mark of Jamie Tobin Photography




Elopement in Iowa | Nicole + Eddie Eloped

Hello Humans!
Welcome to our blog, well, our open ended – photo sharing – jamie rambling hot spot anyway!

We love weddings, whether they are big, small, or ELOPEMENTS!
They all have the big thing in common – LOVE!

So check out these gorgeous humans on their special day!!


Our “Why” | Our Top 5 favorite things about weddings that you probably don’t notice…

Hello humans!
Today I had a thought, I mean I was editing a recent wedding and there are so many things that went into that day to make it just right.. You probably know the big things, (dress, cake, venue.. exc) but I tend to lean towards things that not everyone notices.

We love to serve, whether it’s grabbing a beer for Mark, or Mark putting my watch on it’s charger… little things make us tick as one big thing.. and I find it so fascinating.

We don’t mind running to the car that got left at the hotel

We would rather one of us go check something and let you stay in the AC (or heat for our Iowa Winter’s)

We aren’t trying to be suck ups, we just can’t help but want to help. We have this voice firing inside our heads that is almost like a kid jumping up and down “let me, I can do that!”

I think one amazing moment for me has been watching Mark grow his love for photography this year as more and more things click and he is learning from “mistakes” so quickly… I’m like a proud * cat * mama.  There was this moment at a wedding recently he completely took charge of posing a groom and I just stood there in complete amazement… It was like that moment you drop your child off at kindergarten and they let go of your hand to join the class. He got it. He is growing and learning, and I am so happy for him.


So what is our Top 5 favorite things about Weddings that you probably don’t notice? Well… let me tell you! (These are in no particular order, just me rambling like normal!)
Images from our Weddings, all photos belong to Jamie Tobin Photography.

1: Flower Girls
Now I don’t mean just the little cuties walking down the aisle, because everyone notices that. I’m talking about them when you’re not suppose to be watching them. They are usually the ages of 2-7 (not that they have to be) and they are feeling their first jolt of responsibility. They are looking up at the world on this day as it moves so quickly with their eyes wide. It just reminds me of a time when we were kids.. when everything was “one more”.
When they don’t think anyone is watching them, they are magic. I know parents will understand that unicorn of kids just being themselves and giggling at bugs, sneaking a wedding mint or an extra roll from dinner.. licking the butter, or staring at the bride as she puts on her “princess” dress. Or, when they’re dancing with their dad’s because their dad isn’t ready to blink because he knows in 20 some years that’ll be his little girl.
And, I was the flower girl turned wedding photographer. (See below, me and my dad when I was around 6?)

2: When something goes wrong
You’re probably thinking I am crazy right now but it’s like a flight or fight moment at weddings. Something will go wrong, I promise you it will, whether its small or big, but it’s not that I want something to go wrong it’s how everyone responds when it does.

When the wrong flowers get delivered and the bride is like well, least I still get the man of my dreams.
Or when a bouquet is forgotten, the rally of the flower shop to make a gorgeous little miracle in under an hour. The smiles, the tears, the raw love and emotion… that is my “a-ha” moment.

3: Bride’s + Dad’s
You’re watching him walk her down the aisle (I am too, always so precious)
–but I am also in the back, doors closed, and bride realizing, “holy F, I am about to get married in front of X amount of people”, That moment when the dad takes his daughters face, kisses her on the forehead and says, I’m so proud of you baby girl.

4: When couples say F it
I mean, Yes, when they swear because I was raised by a Navy man.. I know a good selection of choice words.. but what I really mean is..
You’re seeing all these things telling you what you have to do on your wedding day, That you have to invite your third cousin, have to have mom’s friend from work exc..
Those couples that say F it, it’s our day and we want wings + beer + pizza and a gorgeous ceremony in a barn/woods/lake house that isn’t about a religion we don’t believe in with the people we want, not what others want.
And ,  those couples that are fearlessly in love, and are involved and passionate about their church/religion/Community. We don’t want you to have a day that isn’t anything but what YOU want, with the people YOU want the most.  After all, you are the bride and groom and you are committing yourselves to each other, it should be what you dream it to be. We want to celebrate who you two are as a couple, and your unique love story (Not just a random Pinterest board, we love Pinterest, but it should be an inspo, we still want to see the real you).

In the end, don’t stress about pleasing other people. You’ll thank me later when you’re dancing the night away!

5: Proud mama’s 
Your dress will get a little dirty, but we will never drag it through the mud and your mama will worry, but we love when they want to watch us photograph or help. They want to be involved as much as possible.
–Mom’s will hover, but you are their baby and they blinked and it’s now your wedding day. It’s a big day for mama’s too!

A lot of people, look at the dad’s (they’re big teddy bears with their daughters how can you not) but I never forget the mama’s!
The mama’s that raised their boys into the men we all want to marry. (Ahem, Aiden from Sex and the City anyone?)

The mama’s that showed their boys how to treat humans, how to love humans because they wanted them to be able to have this wedding and be HAPPY.

So that smile, that little tear, that big breath and slight puff to the chest…  In that moment I know, that mama is proud of her son/daughter and it’s always just a tiny moment, but I can watch it over and over again in my head.


Love, Jamie + Mark (That’s us down there)

Engagement | Sara + Luke

I know you are dying to see these, because I am still ogling over this entire session!

I love these two together, they came to me and told me they have never had photos done and are kind of awkward (WHICH I AM THE MOST AWKWARD hehe)  but you would  never guess from how their session turned out!

Sara – “Thank you again !! Tonight was fun, thanks for making it so easy going and fun!”

*  ugly smiles and shoulder rolls because happy photographer *