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Let me tell you all about how we got married at the Bremer County courthouse and why we choose to do it this way! Chelsea Dawn Weddings photographed our courthouse day — check her blog for more sneak peeks, can’t wait to see them all and share!! We wanted to keep our anniversary, that is […]

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Working with your spouse can be… How to work with your spouse? That is the question right now. It’s no secret.. Jamie + Mark are involved. 😉 With our wedding coming up, and us working together at JTP for over a year now I think I will answer the question confidently of how to work […]

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Hello Humans! Digging into our personal life today because it’s a valid question to answer today. We have three amazing cats. The twins (Pikachu + Pichu) turn 2 in March, and Raichu just turned 2 last September! They are my babies, and I am #CatMomAF How to pronounce our cats names if you were not […]

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Hello Humans!! Happy Blog day.. so guess what – It was finally my turn to say YES TO THE DRESS!  The day went by so quickly that I can’t wait to tell you about it on the blog. We were thrilled that Lori, *Mother in law, Mark’s mom*, was able to fly in for the […]

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Hello Humans! Happy blog Tuesday!! We are back from our Summer vacation to Maine! I absolutely love going to Maine, Mark grew up in Maine / Massachusetts so for him it was going back home. We stayed with his parents at their family home.. but we really only slept and ate because the whole week […]

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Hello, Humans! How Jamie + Mark met We’re two weird humans who met by chance on a spring afternoon. Want to know the complete story…? Mark started working at Simply Mac September 2015 Jamie started working at Simply Mac January 2016 Both of us held the same job title of Assistant Manager of our stores, […]


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