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Hello there fellow human! I’ve had multiple occasions of humans in my inbox asking for advice over the years (which is why we started The RAW Workshop with Chelsea Dawn Weddings + Jamie Orr Photography) to help those humans in the inbox with their photography + weddings! We want to help, we also don’t mind […]

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Hello human! Happy blog day! Welcome to our blog!! We love to post content to help you plan, dream, and laugh along the way of planning your wedding! The blog is posted on Tuesdays, almost every week, just depends on how human and how machine I can be with good content! 😉 Today I want […]

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Hello Human! We had the pleasure of photographing a last minute elopement in March between Chloe + Dylan in Waterloo, at the Brown Bottle restaurant! Of course like Iowa, the weather could care less and it was a bit cold, but these two were only smiles for each other. They had gotten engaged in December, […]

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Kids at the wedding or nah? This debate of should kids be at your wedding doesn’t have a “for sure” yes or no answer, it’s always personal, and it’s always the Couple’s choice to make. If the guest goes against the couple it’s rude, and in our opinion disrespectful. We love tiny humans, we don’t […]

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Working with your spouse can be… How to work with your spouse? That is the question right now. It’s no secret.. Jamie + Mark are involved. 😉 With our wedding coming up, and us working together at JTP for over a year now I think I will answer the question confidently of how to work […]

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Hello Humans! Digging into our personal life today because it’s a valid question to answer today. We have three amazing cats. The twins (Pikachu + Pichu) turn 2 in March, and Raichu just turned 2 last September! They are my babies, and I am #CatMomAF How to pronounce our cats names if you were not […]


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